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help with size for Line Prophet 100's

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gday all.

wondering if you can help me choosing the size for a pair of line prophet 100's that im eyeing off.

~5'9" 170lbs age 23.
Have done a season as a lifty in canada in 04, plus 12-14 days each year since then. Now mostly ride backside, off piste & trees, with a little bit of groomers. Avoid bumps like the plague :P.
Been riding a pair of rossi scratch FS's 168cm, and after riding some longer sticks in japan, i now think ive out grown them quite majorly.

I settled on the LP's because everyone raves about them, plus they are apparently very light for a 100mm wide, which suits me because im not a big guy.
Ive been looking at the 179's, but im a little intimidated by the large increase in length + extra width + the prophets rep as an aggressive ski.
But the 172 is only a little up on the 168's ive got.

If there was a 175~6 id get it for sure!

So what do you guys think? I dont want to cruise to my doom on mega planks that I cant throw round in the trees or the chutes, but also I dont want to drop heaps of cash on new planks that arent going to progress me that much.

And no, i cant demo *anything* unfortunatly. Demo in Aus consistists of beaten up carving skis, and thats it.
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get the 186. you don't want to go short with powder boards. definitely don't go shorter than the 179.
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When you read reviews for LPs In most cases I think they are talking about Dynastar Legend Pros and not Line Prophets. I've never skied the Lines so I may not have the best opinion but I would go with the 179s.

Just make sure the review you read are talking about the ski you want. I think two are quite a bit different.

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Yes sorry, I definitely mean the Line Prophets. I forgot that there were other skis called LPs aswell!

er I think 186 would be a bit large for little me, especially given that they are stiffer again!
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172 is too short. I'm about the same height and 10lb more in weight and I prefer the 179. Better yet, I prefer the Volkl Gotama in a 183 (and it skis short). If I recall correctly, the Line skis stiffer than the ski you have now, but it's not a beast. If you are in really tight spaces in trees, the 172 will be easier but in most cases it will just take some time to get used to the length.
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Using our search feature, I found surprisingly few reviews for the Line Prophet 100 in the forums: Review by Manus

There are many skis out there that are in this category, including Atomic Sugar Daddy, Volkl Mantra or Gotama, PMGear Bro Models, Fischer Watea; and I'm sure Phil can think of some Hart that meets the bill.

It would be easier to point you to an appropriate ski if you could describe more about the conditions and terrain you expect to use it in. I gathered you want something that can be turned short-radius. Does it need to be good on firm conditions? Bumps? Crud? Powder? Lots of skis are on sale now in the U.S. I don't know what shipping or duties would be incurred by purchasing here, but I do know that the Dollar is relatively weak and most prices should seem like a bargain to international purchasers.

As far as people raving about this class of ski, I think almost anything I listed above has received more interest and "raves" than the Prophet.
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186......if you cant ski it now, you will be glad after some days that you went longer.

if not at least go 179, do not go 172 though its too short quite literally its chick size in ski like that.

but also let me add that if you avoid bumps like plague learning to actually ski and not avoid stuff like bumps will make you appreciate longer skis.
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Yeah i think id die on a 186 100mm, coming from a 168cm 80mm, no offence

It looks like 179 is the go then lengthwise, thanks!

As for other skis... well for awhile I was looking the gotamas, but two things led me to the line over them: the gotamas heavier weight which is of concern to me in tight places with a ski much longer than what i am used to, and the fact that people describe them as a ski to charge through powder, rather than ride on it. I could be totally mistaken, but ive been led to believe the lines have more float.
Gotta be soft enough to have fun on, but not so much that it seriously compromises usability on the harder stuff. Eg, ive ridden the guns & seths, and thought they were too soft. Fun - but sloppy. I get the impression gotamas are the other end, stiff, heavy, chargy and serious!

They'll be mainly for chop, crud and power when it comes. Ie; backside skiing and off piste. That said, whatever I get will likely be my goto for everyday skiing since my old ones are so short for me now - so it has to be able to cope with groomers & hardpack, if thats all thats availible on the day. So yeah, it has to be able to handle firm conditions... not excel, just not be horrific .

I dont ski bumps if i can help it - got a reconstructed knee that doesnt take continious impacts very well, plus I ride mostly with borders... you know how much they love moguls!

You're going to tell me what I actually want is a pair of all mountain 90 ishers... but I just think they wont feel much different from what I have to justify the money! :/

They were "Ski Magazine Ski of the Year for 2008" and in the top 16 best ski's of 08 in freeskiier. Thats what I meant by raving
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No - the Gotamas are not a stiff ski. In fact, I found the Prophet 100s to ski stiffer. I own Gotamas and find that they are a very easy ski to ride - they turn very quickly and responsively. I think the reputation as a serious charging ski is over-rated; there are many better skis for that. You're right about the likelihood of a recommendation for a 90-ish width recommendation. With a knee reconstruction, it seems to me that wider skis will be tougher on the knee than narrower ones. You don't describe conditions that involve lots of deep pow, so why the focus on width? Although I have a couple of skis in the 100+ category, my every day ski for the past couple of seasons has been a Dynastar Big Trouble (in a 176). Not super wide, but really easy to ski, with a flex pattern that is forgiving and fun. Not the best in pow, but a great crud and off piste ski. Given what you are skiing now (it's around 80 width, right?), even adding the length will give you better off piste performance. And with regard to the "Ski of the Year" ratings, pay little attention to that stuff - it's information, but one source, and sometimes the skis that get rave reviews leave me shaking my head.
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Originally Posted by dalyons View Post
Yeah i think id die on a 186 100mm, coming from a 168cm 80mm, no offence
i'm your height, a little bit heavier, and my regular groomer ski is a 165 rx8 with a 13m radius, and my powder/off piste ski is a 183 gotama, and i'm kinda sorry i didn't go longer. the prophet 100 is not stiff, and 186 is not a long ski. it's also a twin tip, so the contact length is a lot less than 186cm.
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Mate, if you're looking at 100mm waisters, look no further than PMGear.com they make the best stuff out there- by hand- and nobody you know will ever have them. Oh, and they're cheap and known worldwide as being a mean big mountain weapon. Check out the 179 stiff layup!!!! It'll make ya chunder your Foster's out your nose! If you have questions, Pat (owner) is a great guy who can make anything happen. If you do go Prophet 100, yeah I'd say 179 would be good.

And what he said^^^ "ski of the year" just means its a good ski that some editor really liked for some reason. Doesn't necessarily mean you'll love it, tho.
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Agree with what everyone is saying. I don't agree that you'll get better float on the P-100 vice the Gotama. The Got is a VERY floaty ski. I have the 183 (also wish I had gone longer) and it is fantastic and does great in tight trees. Don't forget that quick turning also relates to shape and flex as much as length--particularly in 3 dimensional snow. That said, the P-100 does get really strong reviews and I think its a great ski. Given what you've said, I'd go with the 179 and I think you'll be perfectly happy.
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Get the 179's. It's plenty of ski for your size. Turns real quick, great powder tool and is easy to ski, which is good for a guy doing 14 days a year. Not a good choice for icy eastern hills. I've not had them in bumps, but judging by the flex/turniness, should make bumps fun.
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hey i think that you need 179s i found a pair for you. Here is a great link to some great pictures and prices
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those are 90's dude.

I'm sure you have bought already but don;t even think about anything less than 179- I've learned the hard way
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Originally Posted by epl View Post
get the 186... definitely don't go shorter than the 179.
I agree! I have a pair of Karhu Jak Team Editions (same ski as Prophet 100, karhu and line are the same company) in a 172, I'm 5'7 155, and they are WAY to short for me! I originally had them mounted tele (as they ARE a tele ski) recently switched 'em to alpine, and will soon be making them AT. The short length will be nice for hiking, but simply does not hold up to the speeds that I want to ski. I will be replacing this ski with a 183 BRO, and as you are bigger than me, I would agree that the 186 would be a good bet for you. All that being said, the Jak Team/Prophet 100 is a GREAT ski! It has enough width to float through the deep stuff, and is stiff enough to still rail the hardpack. I ski mine 75% of the time in the East Coast, and my only complaint is that I got them too short. Go for the big sticks any you won't regret it!
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A good friend of mine rides the LPs in a 179. From hand flexing I'd say newer Goats (06/07 onward) are definitely stiffer than the Prophets fwiw. A 183 Goat has about the same length (overall and running) as the 179 LPs.

What does backside mean in your place? More open bowls or tight chutes and trees? What type of skier are you?

I'm close to your stats and mostly ride the 190s Goats (which are actually 186). If mostly in tight spots with often crappy conditions go 179, you'll be a happier camper. Else you can go 186. Just my 0.02.
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Hi Finndog.


Thinking of going with the 179 or 186 in the line proph 100.  any suggestions?  I am 5'11" 185lbs, thanks!



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Hi, I'm looking at a pair of Line Prophet 100 at 179 cm.


I'm 5' 10" and 185 lbs, is the 179 cm too short? I'm an intermediate skier looking to advance with a bit of side country skiing and wanting more in the waist than my Mythic Riders 178 cm 88 mm waist.


Any fews or experience would be appreciated.

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I'm 6'2" and 185 and have skiied the 186 for the last four seasons. (on Chochises this season). If you were an advanced or better skier then its a no brainer but if you are truly intemediate on all blues with a few scary blacks then it is a good question. If you ski out West and can do the odd black then go 186. I haven't skied that many skis but have skied your MRs. By comparison I think you would find the Prophets more lively, reponsive and this helps you go to the longer length. Also don't forget they are twin tips which means the actual on snow length is about 183.  

Hope this helps.

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