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My wife works at an emerge in a ski town. For the past several years she has comented on the number of snowboard injuries versus skiing injuries. Her observation has consistetnly been that SB related visits to emerge have greatly outnumbered ski injuries over the past several years.
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Q: Who cares if this shows boarding is dangerous?

They need better data for one

The other thing about why is - for awareness and planning for your own personal safety and injury prevention. Or at the least for health ins shopping - make sure you're covered and up to date .
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I think it's simple physics. Boarders move faster, jump higher and generally take more chances. They frequently interact with lots of fixed metal objects that have been partially buried on some of the slopes. Therefore when they fall they are more likely to break.
Fortunately for them the source of many of the poor decisions that lead them into these dangers (YOUTH) also allows most of them to heal quickly and go do it again.
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