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Victim of an e bay scam artist? (resolved)

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Lets just say that I am really getting pissed. Last week I was the winning bidder on a pair of Atomic R:ex skis on e bay. well i did all the buyer checks before bidding all the remarks about the seller were glowing. seems the seller selles a lot of DVD's CD and videos so new skis seemed a bit odd. Well i made my bid and to my suprise I won the bid on the 6th of sept. Then paid the seller using Paypal.Paypal confirms that the seller was paid. Now it is the 12th and I have not heard one word from the seller. So now I am pissed! The seller has another pair of Atomic R:ex on e bay Please be careful if you are thinking of bidding on them.

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I have had great luck with e-bay buying a lot of stuff. I did get burned pretty bad by a guy trying to scam me on a car stereo (go figure). It took a long time to get my money back, and the local government did get involved with the kid. keep all receipts, and any e-mails you get involving the case, it will make it easier to get your money back. Hopefully, the seller has just been away from the computer. Sucks about the skis though.
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Yeah away from the computer, as in they don't allow him to use a computer in jail? A simple e mail from the seller to me would solved this. I am pursuing this with e bay and Paypal and my credit card company.
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No reply to EMails eh?
Post a negative comment in his profile and go thru E-Bay's complaint resolution process.
If you file a complaint, they will suspend ALL selling that he want's to do on EBay. That will get his attention.

(I went thru a situation where the scofflaw's mother ended up sending me a good check to keep her son out of the criminal justice system)

Good luck.
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UTAH, I've had a lot of luck buying skis and other equipment on eBay. As a matter of fact, I just had these arrive at my house yesterday: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...853849634&rd=1

They were in absolutely mint condition, and almost look like they've never even been outdoors. I was lucky to find them, but this guy is a very reputable seller if you want to check out some of his other items.

Please give us a link to your auction item, so we can see who it is and avoid him ourselves. I've found though that some of these guys just take a long time to answer their email, unlike the buyer, like me, who starts pacing the floor from the minute the auction's over until the stuff finally arrives. You're always taking some chance, but there are a lot of ways to minimize the risks.

I have found a few sellers that I've added to my "favorite Sellers" list. I've gotten some great stuff from these guys, but everyone else knows that too, so the prices are usually driven up. You have to watch eBay constantly to get the best deals, but if you want I'll send you a PM with a couple of names of good sellers I've found for ski gear.
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Carvemeister has the right idea--Buy skis on e-bay nobody else wants. The scam artists are going to list hot skis like the R:ex.
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Originally posted by Rio:
[QB]Carvemeister has the right idea--Buy skis on e-bay nobody else wants... [QB]
You're not making fun of my pristine Volant T3 Power's (a great ski),with bindings, that I picked up for a mere $225 (about he price of a 1 week demo), are you, hmmm?
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I've been using eBay since 1997 and have yet to be burned. The key is that you did not make contact via email BEFORE you paid, that and I would suspect this person has a low feedback rating as well which would be a big red flag.
Take precautions and you will never be burned.
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Mr Hyak, The seller Had a vary high seller feed back rating with out any negatives in the comments file. I only saw the skis when they were close to closing the auction I made a bid excepting That it would be out bid on such a popular ski. To my suprise I had won the bid. The truth is at the price I got them for I do want the skis. The same seller has another pair of Atomic R:ex in a 168 on e bay now. The seller is nickoftime70 I do hope that there is just a mix up of some sort here but I am as i said pursueing some actions with e bay and Paypal.
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Very strange. I checked out this guy's feedback also. I would have probably bid on skis from him also. He has way too much legit feedback to be a typical scammer. he would seem to be legit.

It is strange though that all of a sudden he has 2 pairs of the exact same skis for sale. Are these the same size (i.e. YOUR skis) as you bid on? It looks like he re-listed them a couple days after you won them. Another red flag is that he's running only a 3 day auction with a starting bid of $99 with no reserve, for a very hot pair of skis worth much more. I'm suspicious when you get only the little thumbnail photo from atomic's website for the skis.

Looks like he's trying to unload them FAST. I Have to wonder why? There does seem to be something wrong with this picture.

The guy is obviously not away on vacation, and I'd say he's avoiding you. You can play his game too. I did it a few times when I was looking for a camcorder and found that the high end electronics section is loaded with scammers.

Send some e-mails to guys who have active bids on his items and warn them. That will get his attention. He wants to play games, you can definitely hurt this guy. I would send an email asap to the poor skier who has bid on the other pair also.

Of course before you play really dirty, you might want to play nice a little bit more in hopes of getting a refund. This guy is obviously very busy and gets a lot of email, so it could be a slip up, but it looks pretty fishy right now.

Good Luck. I hate these scammers too.
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The skies i bid were 177 the new listing is 168 I did send an e mail to the high bidder on the 168 telling him what I am going thru.
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I do see that he has good feedback, but it hasn't even been a week since the end of the auction so I wouldn't panic yet. You can get his phone number from his eBay info, did you do that?

One thing I did notice is that on the Neutral feedbacks he had received he is a smarta$$ with his comments and doesn't take critisism too well.

Good Luck.
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Carvemeister -

I would never mock the fastest skier on the hill.
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Sorry to hear about your misfortune. But, it may still work out, keep your fingers crossed.

Note to self:
Make sure to bring plenty of beer money to Utah. Utah61 needs a beer.
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Ok thanks all for reading my rant. seems that there was an e mail problem. Yes as strange as that is. there was a computer problem. I got a tracking number from the seller and UPS confirmed that they are on thier way.
I did get my panties in a bunch when the Phone Number of the Seller that e bay provided did not work I informed the seller of this he's looking into the problem with his phone. He was getting my many e mails and thinking this guy is a real SOB. I was just getting started to looking forward to a good fight. Hell I was ready to hire Gonzo to be my attack Dog ahhhhh I mean Lawyer Anyway they are on thier way and I can now relax and have a Beer.
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Utah23? does that mean I can now hit on 21 year old woman without them saying ge you remind me of my dad!
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Yeah, I tell ya. This Internet thang, nothin but a bunch of weirdos.

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The ebay system of filing a complaint and seeking resolution is very time consuming and difficult so I quit buying through ebay. It's a crapshoot, many honest sellers but no system accountability.
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http://www.escrow.com/ solves a lot of the problems associated with purchasing something sight unseen from an unknown private individual, albeit for a price.

I just used them and didn't have to worry one iota about getting ripped off when the item didn't show up on time.

Tom / PM

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Hummmm I was thinking of using E-bay to sell some collector stuff I don't want.
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Hey maybe you should have bought this instead:

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Sno I would use ebay to sell your collectables I am also going to be selling on e bay soon Plus I will also buy from e bay. They do ned to make the system of lodging a complaint simpler to use. I found by useing Paypal I got results vary fast. Pay pal can freeze the Pay pal accounts of a seller if a complaint isn't resolved in a timly manner. By the way i got an e mail about a seller on e bay selling fake The North Face Jackets and Bibs I noticed that the seller did not except Pay pal payments.
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Doesn't e-Bay now own PayPal?
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Originally posted by Lodro:
Hey maybe you should have bought this instead:

Mmmm, that is pretty!
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Originally posted by Kneale Brownson:
Doesn't e-Bay now own PayPal?
Yep, they just bought them a month or two ago. Talk about the government looking the other way. It will be interesting to see how well PayPal works in the future with eBay's competition.
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Ok Here is an update the New Atomic's got here late Monday and they are as the seller said new 2003 skis still in the plastic. I'll be taking thenm to the shop this week to have new look P12 bindings mounted on them Now we just need to get some snow
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Jealousy, envy lust.
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just won a bid for solomon 1080's. then he tried to chanrge me $100 for s&h.ups's fee is $19. so he can keep the skis. his name is jdesrosierssport.watch out for him.
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He (jdesrosierssport) has many items on e-bay and I believe many of them have $100 shipping. It is disclosed but well hidden. I sent him an e-mail and made an inquiry about it, but received no reply. I find e-bay great, but buyer beware and read the fine print.
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on the template he said $50 for s&h. but when he gave me the total, he changed it to $100.
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