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90 mm + skis

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I am looking for a new pair of skis with a 90-100 mm waist. This ski will see just a few powder days and it will not be deep at all. I am interested in a ski for soft snow and especially heavy snow. My experience with free ride skis is limited. I have only skied the Rossi Bandit B78 and B94. I love the B78 but it is too skinny for heavy snow days. The B94 did much better on those days, even though i skied it too long in the 185. I am 182 cm tall and weigh 155 lbs.
I am looking for a ski that is light like the Bandits and can make short turns in tight places. I also like a smaller turn radius. The B94 had a turn radius of 25 m. I could turn it in tight places but compared to the B78, i usually made fewer turns on the same slope. Obviously, one of the reasons for that was the length. I should have demoed the 178 but that was what i could demo.

One more thing. The ski will see very few powder days so i am not concerned with the powder performance. In that case, do you think that i should go shorter for a ski that will see soft and especially heavy snow? For example, the B94 comes in 185, 178 and 168 cm. I know that the 185 is too long especially because it will not see too much powder. For that it would have been good. That leaves the 178 as the ideal length. But for heavy snow, do you think that a shorter length like the 168 would be better? In theory, it will make the ski turn easier, especially in tight places, it will have a smaller turn radius and will help me with hop turns.

What do you think? I will demo before i buy.

Thank you very much.
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90 mm is a sweet spot in the market and there are tons of great skis that fit the bill. Ones that pop right off the top of my head are the Line Prophet 90, Dynastar Mythic Rider, Head Mojo 90. The Fisher Watea Line offers the 84 or 94 depending on which side of 90 you want to go. And these are just the first few that I thought of that are popular. There are literally 15 or more skis that could fit your description. In terms of length, I agree that you don't need anything in the180s for what you are describing but I would be reluctnant to go below 170. I think the loss of stability is not worth it when you start going that short. All of those skis have something in the high 170s and probably something on the lower end of 170 as well. I think that would be the right thing to consider. Part of the challenge in dealing with heavy snow is to get up on top of it and cruise over it...I think something in the 178 length would do that quite nicely.
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Welcome to Epic XT

If you're not skiing deep powder I'd recommend staying under 90mm and go with a mid fat like the Nordica Hot Rot options, say the Afterburner?. If for whatever reason your sold on 90+ then most folks around here go with the Volkls-Gotomas, Mantras, etc.. But they claim to use them mostly in deep snow. Line Prophets are also a decent fat ski with some hold on groomers IMO.
But since I also ski out East mostly please place a lot more stock is what the others with more fat skis on their quiver recommend
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I looked at some websites and made a list of some free ride skis.
Atomic SugarDaddy - 99 mm waist - 173 cm
Blizzard Argos - 101 mm - 173
Elan M999 - 99 mm - 174
Fischer Watea - 94 mm - 178
Dynastar Legend Pro - 97 mm - 176
Nordica Hot Rod Hellcat - 90 mm - 178/170
Nordica Enforcer - 98 mm - 177/169
Rossi Phantom 95 - 95 mm -
Salomon Gun - 96 mm - 174
Volkl Mantra - 96 mm - 177/170

That is not a complete list.
I forgot to add that the ski should have some hold on groomers. I hit some hard snow with the B94 on a steep slope and it had almost no hold. That worried me a little. The new Rossi skis have wood and some metal in them.

Which skis from that list are light, like to turn easier than the others in tight places and have some hold on groomers?

I am open to any other suggestions you have.

Yes, i am looking for a 90 mm + waisted ski because getting a ski like the B83 (or other skis with a 80 mm + waist) would not make a big difference in how it skis compared to the B78, IMO.
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Why 90+ if your not skiing powder?

first where do you ski?
What do you ski on usually?
what terrain do you want the ski to open up you to?

also in heavier snow longer skis will be better, in fact except for skied out trees/moguls going shorter than a 178 in the ski you mentioned would be a bad idea. In fact a B94 is pretty poor ski on hardpack due ot its lightweight. Now you keep saying 'heavy snow" if by slush then yes the B94 should be pretty great in that stuff. Go 178 though.

Tight turn raduis turns quick on hardpack/hardpack crud, but wont effect your turn raduis in powder at all, In fact straighter skis tend to be turnier in powder than hyperside cut skis.
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This past year I demoed a pair of Stockli Scott Schmidt (122/89/112). I am about 2-3 cm taller and 20 pounds heavier than you and tried the 178 cm, because that was all I could get my hands on. I thought they were a lot of fun, but they seemed a little on the short side. I had no problem turning them quickly and took them through trees and on some steep ungroomed runs at Alta. I wound up not buying them and picked up some 193 cm DP Pros, but that was because I wanted something bigger for the day after. Still, I thought the SS were fun and they had good hold on groomers.
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I would add the Scott Missions/178cm to your list. There is a good deal on SAC. There is another thread with the details.
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What Bushwacker asked.
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The Mantra is one of the best carving skis on that list. I agree with the other comments regarding your motivation for wanting a wider ski but it not being for off-piste...that doesn't make a ton of sense. All of these skis at 90+mm are going to be, by design, floaty skis that do very well in softer snow. Most of them are decent on hard pack and will carve...its just that they're not "carving" skis....but I'm sure you know that.
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179 BRO. Done.
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Originally Posted by locknload View Post
The Mantra is one of the best carving skis on that list.
IMO...Although they are longer radius, the 999 and LP blow the Mantra away as far as carving.

Originally Posted by alpinedad View Post
What Bushwacker asked.
What he said. Also, depends upon your skill level. If you were an intermediate...the Mantra might be a good option (light and forgiving). If an expert you might go with something like the Enforcer, 999, LP or even the Fischer Big Heat (all heavier, more stable and less forgiving). I haven't skied the others on your list.
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IMO...Although they are longer radius, the 999 and LP blow the Mantra away as far as carving.
You're probably right JP...I've not ridden the other skis. My buddy just raves about how his mantras can carve like narrower skis but I can't speak authoritatively. Overall though, I think xt-17 has a great list of possibilities and has to narrow it down be really deciding what he's looking for.
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Mantra - a good choice

My eldest daughter skis on Mantras/fritschi/scarpa - the set up is fine everything except sheet ice. I tried them and found them a little too much of a compromise - too heavy for touring, not fat enough for deep stuff. Use an old pair of Aztec pros for touring now and K2 Coombas for pretty much everything else. You should take a look at the Coomba - although its wider than you want I think it skis more like a 85-90mm ski on hard pack - its a surprisingly agile ski, and in powder it rocks. Avoid moguls unless you are a committed zipline skier though.
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I am looking for a 90+ ski because it is easier to ski heavy snow with it than with a narrower ski. For example, it was easier (for me) to ski heavy snow with the B94 than with the B78. The former is wider and more stable than the latter. I skied it long but even in the correct length i do not think that it would be a quicker turning ski than the B78.

I ski in the Alps and i ski variable terrain. I am an advanced skier. I am looking for a ski for heavy snow which is a couple of inches deep. As far as groomer performance goes, all i want is a ski with some hold on groomers. I am not interested in a carving ski. For that i have my slaloms. I want it to be lightweight like the B94 and agile for tight places and short(er) pivot/skid turns on groomers.

Ok, i will not get it short. It will be 170-180 cm long.

Thanks again.
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Demo a Blizzard Cronus, they make a 173cm. It skis very light and quick but has very solid edge hold, it rails groomers.
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That's a pretty good list you've got there. Fischer Misfit is 96mm waist. COmes in 178 and 186. How about the Black Diamond Kilowat?
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