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Whister summer time

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Looks like I might be headed up to Whistler to visit with the camps. Can someone just buy a lift ticket in the summer to ski or do they have to be on the mountain as part of a camp?
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Been to Momentum mogul camp the last two summers...new child and some other commitments will keep me away this year (very bummed). Should be back next year.

Anyhow, you can buy a regular ticket and ski one side of the glacier. The camps have leased the other side--including their shaped moguls. Not sure which camps you're visiting or what you're doing but John Smart (Director) at SMS Momentum camps is a great guy. You could talk to him and work out something to ski with the camp for a day or two and even bag some instruction for some fee. The coaches are fantastic mogul teachers. The whole group is nice and very welcoming. Its been one of the best experiences of my life and my skiing has accelerated b/c of my attendance. Very bummed I can't be there this year...but I'll be back.

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I will look John up.
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Don't have the first hand Whistler experience that Locknload has but I'll bet all the same applies to Chuck Martin at the mogullogic camps. You can reach him via mogullogic.com

Have fun!
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Don't expect great skiing. The setting is tremendous, though.
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Originally Posted by Posaune View Post
Don't expect great skiing. The setting is tremendous, though.
My wife might be coming up for a few days, thats why.
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