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Bella Coola heli-skiing.

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Since I am getting really hooked on the idea of heliskiing the Americas I try to find more about different heli operators.
The one that seemed more interesting to me is the Bella Coola heli-ski http://www.bigmountainheliskiing.com/ mainly because of its great availability to the guy who travels across the Ocean, i.e. Vancouver airport. The snow seems to be brilliant but the main concern is terrain.
So if anyone has a first hand experience with BCHS please share it with me especially in terms of terrain. In other words wouldn't that be a heli-Vail type of skiing - beautiful but not challenging??:
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Don't have experience with Bella Coola, but a friend swears by these folks:

No affiliation with them whatsoever....
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Hi apeyros,

The company I work for is called Elemental Adventure Heliskiing (based in the UK), and we represent Heliski operators all around the world (Canada, Russia, the Himalayas, Alaska, Turkey, Greenland, Chile, Argentina, Kamchatka, Sweden and New Zealand).

In Canada, it so happens that we represent Bella Coola and several others (we have first-hand experience of most). We'd be happy to have an un-biased chat with you, and compare and contrast Bella with the other operations. Ping me a mail at info@eaheli.com and we can call you any time.

Look forward to talking with you.
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