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Skis for a more experienced beginner?

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Ok so heres the story of my skiing career thusfar. I started and enjoyed learning to ski 3 times in the 06-07 season renting. The 07-08 season I bought Blizzard Firebird skis for ~300$ and Head boots for ~200$. I got a season pass to Loon NH, Cranmore + WVille in NH. I skis ~20 times this season and loved it, got to the point where I was very comfortable going medium speeds down blacks, and very fast speeds (safely) down blues.

I still have progression to make, but I feel my current skis are limiting me. They are very short, only up to around my neck and make turning very easy. They are very easy to whip around but I'm afraid they do not have as much of an edge as I'd prefer.

I am only 17 so money is not too available, so I'm looking for last years skis.

I weigh 200 lbs and am 5'7 or 5'8.

Point me towards skis that would allow me to progress into a very capable skier This next year my family and I are going to be staying in a condo every other weekend at Sunday River so I want to be good enough to tackle the hardest and best terrain out east.

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Hi & welcome to Epic,

Boots are more important than skis; do the boots fit well? What model are the Head boots?

The ski length you need is 170cm or longer depending on the model. How long are the skis ypu have in cm?

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hey one great pair for a more experienced junior skier would be the volki unlimited junior. Here is a link to some great prices and pics of them.
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That's a kids ski, that's no help to the OP, who's 5'8" and 200 lbs. I don't have a recommendation for you on skis, just wanted to make sure you know that the one posted by jrullo177 is not a good option.
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It sounds like you have outgrown the skis you have and/orrrrrrrrrrrr they aren't tuned worth a hoot.

How long are they ?? They sound like they are in the 150 something range which would serve a true beginner but are too short for you and what you want to accomplish. At 200 you need something longer or a bit stiffer or a combination of the two.

It's time for you to figure out a size range, where you will be taking this ski and the many factors that go into an educated buying experience.

The search tool will be helpful as will the wide range of opinions you will encounter here. Read them all ,ask questions and you'll make a good choice using the tool on your shoulders.

Now . How did those boots work for you ? Do they still feel snug and hold your foot stable so your intentions aren't lost between your feet and the skis. Boots are your most important purchase. Skis can be found used and in great shape for few dollars at ski swaps and online.
Earn some bucks this summer if you can with an eye towards next winter. Lots of gear becomes available over the summer and in the fall at great prices if you shop wisely.

Welcome to Epic.
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oh sry about that i just saw the more experienced beginner part and thought that it meant a kid sry
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At your weight, I'd consider putting you on a "citizen SL" ... not race stock .... in about a 165/168 range.

It won't be too long or short and will have some beef in it ... at 200 pounds you will be able to bend the ski.

You should not concentrate on how fast you ski the terrain, but how well you ski the terrain.

Speed hides flaws in technique and that alone will keep you locked in regarding progress more than any one thing.
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