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Dialup issues

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I'm stuck on a dialup connection at the ski cabin. Every time I go to a new page on this site it hangs for a while with a waiting for message. I then get a message box reporting unresponsive script from Firefox. I cancel script and all is well. Happens every new page load or even on a "back" command. I don't have this problem at home on a high speed connection. It's really annoying, adds 30 seconds to every page load. Any fix?
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Strange. I find that Epic loads pretty quickly on an iPhone, probably because it's so graphics light.

Possibly you might want to try adding Adblock Plus as a plugin to your Firefox browser?
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I agree, it's decent on my iPhone too. Dialup should be at least as good if not better. I bet there is something wacky happening on your computer.
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The stuff you need loads very quickly but then it stays hung until I get the unresponsive script thing. I tried the adblock, it no longer says network.sportssyndicator but still takes just as long and gets the script error.
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My iPhone is speedy fast!
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If the age of the phone cables servicing your area are nearly your age or greater, that could be the problem. Degradation of the lines really shows up when using computers or digital info. Not so when just using the phone. Well, when it rains our neighborhood has no phone service till the old main lines & connections dry out. Solution was not to use dial-up, I now use the airwaves & it works. Until there is a power outage at the server or transmitters, or my house.
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I'll dump it up there someday but it seems like $50 a month to Comcast is my only option and I'm just checking mail and other low bw things a few days a month so I'm too cheap to upgrade vs $5/month dialup.

Tried all the suggestions, it doesn't set anything in the error log.
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Haven't met anyone happy with Comcast for internet connection. See if any other wireless options are avail. cellular, or like my community & other mountain or foothill communities - radio transmitters/receivers. Much cheaper than satellite. Throughput has been excellent other than electrical outages. If one is not available - it's a business opportunity for you to start one.

Another option is to work on upgrading your community's phone service through the state utilities or phone regulatory agency. There is a federal or maybe it's a state fee tacked onto EVERYONE'S phone bill to provide and upgrade rural and/or mountainous communities.
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Sport Syndicator is an entity that delivers advertising content to sports related sites, and targets an audience that visits such locations. My guess is you have a malware cookie stashed somewhere on your system that is delivering adware based on certain key-words like "ski" "sports" and so forth. I don't know how it works, but would recommend a couple steps.

Use the mozilla browser and run the Adblock Plus add-on.
Run a virus and adware scanning program to see if you have an infection.

FWIW, EpicSki has no commercial relationship with any advertising content delivery at this time. Cookies from EpicSki are solely to provide you with your viewing and user preferences and do not track any aspect of your internet behavior. The content you are being delivered originates from somewhere else, and you need to clean it up to restore your speed and privacy.
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Thanks I was hoping to hear that from Epic. I've installed the Adblock and I'll check for viruses (although I'm all Mac based).
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Originally Posted by stevesmith7 View Post
Any fix?
Yes, move to your ski cabin permanently and get a Comcast connection. Your internet performance will be much better and you can ski lots more!
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Originally Posted by geoffda View Post
Yes, move to your ski cabin permanently and get a Comcast connection. Your internet performance will be much better and you can ski lots more!
In three years, I promise.
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I had comcast hsi connection loved it,fast and reliable,but then the cost was too much for my use habits,why pay for bw you don't need.I switched to verizon DSL for $20.00 a month and see very little difference, except it cost half as much.
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I've checked several times, Verizon not available to my number.
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If either Sprint or Verizon Wireless have EV-DO high speed data, a $59/month broadband card works great. Certainly better than dialup. Check the detailed coverage-by-address maps at their sites to see if they have high-speed data at your cabin.

That said, I get the "unresponsive script" on that, or even on my Comcast at home sometimes. Haven't seen it at Epic. See it at Slashdot on threads with lots of comments, and on Orbitz a lot. Thanks for the tips on the script timeout config!
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