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Free Ski Passes

Poll Results: Should Live4Snow be banned for spamming?

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Bretton Woods Ski Area is giving out free passes from when they open (in Nov.) until the end of January. You stay at The Mount Washington Hotel, book their “Adventure Package” for at least 3 nights in June/July, and get the pass. There are a couple blackout dates, but most days are fair game. Kids 12 & under get free lodging and get the free pass. It’s on their website.

It's a good place for familiy skiing.
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You had me thinking there were free passes to be had. Dammit, that ain't free!
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SPAM or no SPAM?
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Originally Posted by spindrift View Post
SPAM or no SPAM?
Originally Posted by bklyn View Post
Spam, spam, eggs and spam
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hey live4snow -- how much did you get paid to post this crap?

PS: this thread the rest on other sites are a great message NOT TO PATRONIZE The Mount Washington Hotel
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To ban, or not to ban, that is the question....

Poll added.

That's right, you decide.
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being that it is his first post, I would give him a second chance...maybe his only reason for joining was to post this type of stuff, but maybe he doesn't work for the Hotel and thought that someone on the site might find it useful and didn't know the rules.
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No . He/she should take part in this forum but not post spam.The operators of resorts enjoy a perspective we could learn from .
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Aw, you guys are soft.
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I'd like to change my vote to SPAM...I just went to bkln's link which I had thought was to epic forum rules, but now see is the exact same SPAM at another site (with a different user name, but still a first post by new "member")
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Or instead of banning, you could put a non-editable large font tag of "Bretton Woods and Mount Washington Hotel are spammers & you should not patronize them." on all the OP's posts. Forever.

Of course I am making the assumption that the OP is affiliated with one or both. This would fail as a general policy though since it is easily gamed...
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When it's Post #1 ...... it spam.

I don't need to taste what's on my shoe to know dog **** when I smell it.

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The people have spoken.
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Just a correction, the pass deal is good for July/Aug. vacations.
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Interesting that post #2 from the OP has arrived, but with no comment/clarification on the actual ongoing discussion... That makes me think "spam" more than before...

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Damn spammers, They have no intention of taking part in this community. They just want to feed on it .

Post of pertinence in any thread or ban.
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It may be Spam, but hey, the Mount Washington hotel is absolutely beautiful.

You can't do much better for historic, beautiful places to spend some time. One of the last of the majestic grand hotels.
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