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chamfered edge of PE topsheet... down to glass

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so i got a new pair of pe's at the end of the season for mad cheap. i've owned older model pe's (80mm waist) and the original seth pistols, and i know how badly k2's sandwich-construction, metal-free skis chip along the topsheet edges. so, as a preemptive strike, i decided to chamfer them. i guess this is a mini-tutorial for anyone who decides to do this himself, but i also have a quick question, too.

well, at first i had a hard time finding the proper tool for the job, as the topsheet is a weird combination of die-cut p-tex with each different color being of a different hardness/elasticity. it was really weird cutting with a certain resistance and then having that change as soon as i started cutting a different part of the topsheet graphic.

i tried a panzar file at first, but that would just skim along the top without digging in, and then hook up all of a sudden and shoot across the metal edges, leaving some nice curved grooves in them (those will come right out when i set the edge bevel, though). then i tried an exacto knife, but i did not like how the blade tended to submarine and go straight for the core of the ski instead of planing nice and straight. finally, i discovered that the carbide scraper sharpener from svst did a good job of just biting in and planing nice and smooth (of course, until i got to a different color of p-tex, in which case i would either dig in deeper or hardly bite in at all). on some p-tex colors, it pushed a nice ribbon of p-tex off as you went along, much like skyving a sidewall. on others, it would still skip and chatter along and leave a very unfinished look. i tried sanding with all different kinds of grits to clean it up, but found that the only thing that worked was a dremel.

finally, on to my question: so, due to the incredibly difficult job of controling the cut-depth due to the varying properties of each color of p-tex, i went down to glass in quite a few spots. i don't imagine these could be any deeper than the chunks i took out when i used to ski my old pe's in the park and cross my tips. but do i need to seal them so that water doesn't get in? you can see the faint color of wood, but it's definitely still just glass, as it left a nice, white cloud of dust on me while finishing them with a dremel.

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Don't have an answer to your question but I discovered another unusual characteristic of PEs. My son skied a pair of 05-06s for two years and still loved them so I bought him a new pair this spring (they are crazy cheap). I took the old pair out myself to give them a good demo as I'd only taken a run or two one them before. I liked them enough to put them in the rotation. The topsheets were somewhat scratched up so one day when I was tuning them I took a piece of 400 grit silicon carbide sandpaper (the black stuff used for metal wet or dry sanding) and wrapped around a sanding block made several passes lengthwise over the topsheet. They came out looking like new. All the little stuff just goes away leaving a nice dull uniform surface.
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i've been thinking more about it, and i think that the white dust (which was pretty fine) was actually epoxy. i've skyved the sidewall on a line sir francis bacon before, and the fiberglass in the topsheet (when i started getting topsheet with the skyver towards the tips and tails) was the sharpest effing shards that i have ever had the misfortune of being covered head-to-toe with. anyways... just thinking.

but no responses? i mean, i'm not too worried about this, seeing as how these are pretty much disposable skis (at least for the price they were going for, i can treat 'em that way).
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I used a coarse file to round the topsheet edges of mine, and they came out great. Took off a season's worth of knicks and dings. I like the suggestion of a sanding block too.
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Any pics? Just curious to see how much you're rounding off the edges.
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the skis are out getting mounted right now, but i'll try to get up pics tomorrow. i didn't so much ROUND the edges as just try to remove as much topsheet material as possible along the edges (as that's what i found always happened to my k2 factory team skis anyways from skiing...) before rolling my cut over onto the sidewall to smooth it out. it really is very rough looking. i had absolutely ZERO luck with any of my files (panzar, bastard, fine) on the white p-tex and the matte-black p-tex midski (which is actually MUCH harder than the glossier black p-tex used in the tip/tail designs (look at the 07/08 in 179 and you'll get what i'm talking about). really, this is not a good indicator of my usual workmanship...

^^were your models the p-tex top sheets? what year pe's?
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