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closing day at A-Basin...

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... is Sunday. Who will be there?
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I will. I have to leave around noon, I think, but I'm hoping to sneak back up for the final hour or so.
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If I make some money in the next couple of days, i'm there. Just got a job at the Aquarium Restaurant and I don't know if i'll be on the floor on my own yet. I may or may not be running food tomorrow night which means $$$ so if that happens, i'll definately be there.
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I'll be thinking of you, though you won't be thinking of me.

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I be there to get a last shot of the cornice for you TC.
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I'll be there; probably wearing an orange shell jacket.

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Will probably go tomorrow.

Crowds should be light and the snow's still great.

Time to unearth the wax and iron. In May-June, I find a buffed coat of warm-weather wax can be the difference between gliding and slogging, especially on the flats.
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I'll be wearing a red Arcteryx softshell jacket, taupe colored softshell pants, grey helmet. rspritz, I may be going up with Goldson (perhaps meeting Levisohn up there); are you leaving from Denver and want to share a ride?

.... and TC- of course we will be thinking of you! I'll remember my camera this time, too.
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Thanks, but I have a house up in Frisco, so I won't need a ride. I'll be wearing an orange shell (unless it's too warm), black pants, silver helmet.
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I may be there.
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