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Do you store your skis inside overnight (between days)?

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I have been bringing my skis inside as opposed to leaving them in the truck overnight when I am riding the next day. Is this really needed?

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I always dry the skiis completely to prevent rust. This means not only wiping them down, but bringing them in.

Also, once inside, I have a nicer place to check for dings.
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I've slept with my skis beside me a few times. Does that count?

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From your title I thought you meant inside from the garage to the house. My husband generally frowns on my bringing bikes and skis inside the house for some reason... Personally I wouldn't leave them exposed to the elements if I didn't have to, even overnight.
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Unless you are sticking your vehicle in a garage overnight never leave your skis in a car or truck especially if you are staying at a motel. I've known numerous people that have had windows smashed by thieves in order to get their equipment.
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I leave my skis in the garage whenever possible. If the ski is cold at the start of the day, snow is less likely to stick to the topsheets, and therefore the ski weighs less. However, this is a really not the big of a deal. Skis come in the house in the summer to avoid the high temps my garage hits in the Utah summers.

I've got a truck top box for my equipment, but my skis do not spend the night in them on trips unless I'm sleeping in the truck. People who steal skis should be shot on site.
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Bring them inside...to 'room temperature' if you are going to wax them....the wax will bind much better....the warm environment opens the pores in the base...otherwise..as discussed........theft is your major outside issue.... :
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So asside from theft, I take it there is not real issue with the skis beeing cold all night long? Is it perhaps even better that way (as opposed to the heatup/cooldown cycle if you bring them inside)? But the theft aspect is reason enough. I didn't think about that.
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If I'm in a place where I can, I bring skis in and dry them off and do whatever repairs needed. Always remember, though, to put them outside well ahaed of time so they'll get cold. Otherwise warm skis hit the snow, melt a layer of snow in contact with the bottom which immediately refreezes and you have a whole bunch of snow and ice frozen to your skis...nowhere near as fast or smooth as a good wax job!
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I prefer to bring them in to dry and be sure that ice doesn't affect the proper operating of the binding.
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