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So, I've got my small ski car, but it's attracting stone chips.
After a bit of researching, I'm thinking of getting Ventureshield put on it.
Anyone got any experience with it or other products?
Any advice?

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When I did the Bullrun, team Lamorghini, team Lotus, and our Hurst/Olds all had the 3M version, my brother has it on his new Jeep SRT-8. It did protect the cars a great deal. When the Lamborghini team struck a huge racoon, the film held his carbon fiber bumper together and kept it from completey tearing off. But proper installation is key, its best left to a professional. The car needs to be well cleaned, smooth no chips otherwise the chips may rust and the grime will make the film very visible and probably not adhere well; so all that has to be addressed before applying the film. When dirty/dusty the lines where the film ends are very visible. Last week I thought someone had keyed my brother's Jeep, but then I realized it was just dust accumulated by the edge of the film. The film does hold on well though. Not cheap.
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Yeah, I've already lined up a specialist to get rid of the stone chips. Unfortunately the guy who was going to give me a quote for Ventureshield has had to go to Imola for the weekend...
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