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As seen on Skipass.
A new french brand, Coreupt.
According to skipass, they're based in Tignes, will have their skis built by Dynastar in Sallanches and will sell them exclusively on the net.
Candide and Guerlain will ski with their gear and are suposedly strongly involved in the design.

Candide's skis : Candide Yard for the park (155, 165, 175 et 182 - width : 116/81/106), Candide Pow for, err, the pow (166, 176, 186 - width : 124/92/114)?

And Guerlain's, the Guerlain XXX Ray (176, 186 et 194, 124/97/116)

bases :

Rebadged Dynastars ?
It certainly looks so. The specs are familiar... (can you say TM, BT, LP ?)

ANd a funny video.

For those who write french :
This week Chicherit is supposed to answer the questions asked in the comments of this post on Skipass.
Many questions about Dynastar and Quicksilver marketing, of course...
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"Candide Yard for the park" (155, 165, 175 et 182 - width : 116/81/106),

Wow! I can't wait for the next "Yard Sale"
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Update :

Chicherit on Coreupt here.

upt means Unlimited Pleasure Toys...
Candide will compete this season again.
They're building a comp team with young skiers.
They'll have a skicrosser on board, who's "similar to Enak but not him" (Kuhn ?). Even though they won't sell ski crosses, it supposed to be a good testing ground.
For the first season they're using Dynastar molds, indeed, with "somewhat" different flexes. They focused mostly on (top sheet) design
They'll sell exclusively pro models. Original designs are developed and will be tested this summer. They may offer an original model this winter. For the second season their line up will be mostly original. With innovative and creative solutions.
They'll sell mostly on line and will try to build a strong relationship with their customers and great service (?). 20% of the production will be sold on selected shop. They plan an international developement.
Their investor wishes to remain secret.... He (it) is a complete outsider to the ski industry.
To test the skis : A test center in Tignes and in selected shop.
Their prices will be "average". They can't be cheap as they build in France.
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