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BTW, the worst bump lines I have ever seen were at Taos. I think it's the only place where they teach small children to ski bumps. Try skiing a line made by 100cm skis!
Although Al's was nice.
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All these arguments are valid. However, it goes both ways. At Mt. Hood Meadows, at Mt. Hood (obviously) we have some very nice runs, but this is detracted by 1. so darned expensive, 2. too many people (because it's THE place to go, 3. attitude of both skiers and boarders.

There are bad attitudes on both sides of the fence. Mountain etiquette is paramount. For those who observe this, the mountain is for them. The bad attitudes allude to "me first attitude" or "me only". If one could follow these people you might see these attitudes in their driving habits on the road.

As in any relatively new endeavor there is always a steep climb in participants. It levels off after awhile. WE all have seen many who have returned to skiing from boarding. They got tired of having to strap back onto their boards, having to sit down all the time, frog hop over to the next hill instead of being able to just skate over, having to unstrap to get on the lift, not being allowed to strap up on the lift (can't understand that one), having to wear grunge clothes (but then you have to or else you're not 'cool'), having to ride a Burton board even though Lamar was one of the early, main developers of the board shape (but then I remember when Atomic was the cool ski to have, even though I outskied and out sped them on my Dynamic VR 27's).

But then I shocked some boarders one day when I stopped to give them a lift when they were hitch-hiking!

It's all attitude.... and balance.
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Just got back from 4 days skiing at Hintertux.

Girlfriend got hit by a boarder earlier today hurt her arm and hit her head hard, she's now in hospital getting checked over :. My little lady wasn't even on his blind side, the guy just straight-lined down the fall line really fast and then scraped across an area where two pistes cross. At least he and his girlfriend stopped and said they were sorry. If boarders (or skiers) haven't got the skill (or will) to stop/avoid others they shouldn't be on anything but gentle slopes until they can. There are a lot of good, skillful, respectful boarders out there but these idiots out of control give the real borders a bad name (I've been hit by two other borders in the past under similar circumstances). Maybe it's because it takes a lot less skill to stay on a snow board at speed than a pair of ski's.

Rant over.


Edit - Just got a call, the hospital admitted her overnight because of the knock to the head.

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The bad attitudes allude to "me first attitude" or "me only". If one could follow these people you might see these attitudes in their driving habits on the road.

Try driving a 100 ft. truck that weights 53 tons or more with the driving public. It's no fun. Their so stupid that they will put their family and others in harms way. Sorry, to spout off but after 30 years of driving it's a sore subject.
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Wow Knuckledraggger, you seem to be making quite a point here. Because you are trolling, which amazingly enough many of the posters fail to realize, I will respond to your post to make your day, I guess I just like to make people happy.
Interestingly you whine about the boarders cutting up the mogul runs, yet on your profile you say NO MOGULS. After being corrected on the use of the word "ora" (aura, dumbass), you still use it as a put-down. You talk of those renegades you just "heel-slip" down those "insanly" steep runs in Killington. First of all, insanely steep and Killington do not belong in the same sentence and secondly I'm sure you just straighline all those killer lines, brah. Come out to Big Sky country and I'll show you some line that tighten your sphincter, I'm serious drop me an email: tiafem@yahoo.com. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, I'll be riding my Burton Custom as I wait for your lame ass at the bottom of Biggie C. Yes, I've snowboarded for 10 years (collective gasp), but I also tele (five years) which is what attracted me to this "skiing" site originally. There's a wierd thing about trolls in that they'll bring out the worst in people and from what I've read this is one of the most backwards places I've ever seen. Did it ever occur to any of you that maybe some people board becuase it's incredibly fun sport? Are any of you good enough on a board to ride powder? If not, let me let you in on a little secret, boarding in powder is like nothing you can do on two boards, period. It's pure, unadulterated heaven and when I got good enough to ride it I never went back. You couldn't pay me enough to bring my skies after a dump, backcountry excluded.
My point is, some people actually do something because it's FUN, not because they're on a personal mission to destroy your family and have their way with your women. Give a rest people, you remind me of tele skiers with your sh!t don't stink attitude (which I also hate). Unfu(king believable how many of you took the bait and showed your true colors, I mean his name is Knuckledragger for Christ's sake. I will now bow out gracefully and fade from this site. I wanted to get some ski info, but it would be like asking the KKK for info on guns, sure they would have some good information but there's something about the people doling it out. Don't worry I won't let the door hit me on the ass on the way out. Once again, congrats on a fine troll KD, and god bless.
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Well, I must say, very well written. Unfortanly sarcasim is hard to read when there is no feeling. Your right, there is nothing that can compare to the west, and other mountains in the world. That is a given, if you dont know that, than you really need to be awaked from your vast sleep. That beening my sarcastic comment. And yes, in my profile is says no moguls. As a rounded skiier, I will run into a mogul trail in my prone to wonder state. I just dont like them, and as I do those trails, you can tell what has happened to it. My screen name is a mockary really. My freinds came up with that... so dont read into what is not there. AND I WAS NOT REFERING TO ANY ONE HOW HAD ABILTY. If you read further down the posting list, you would have read that I clap when I see anyone with talent. I make my referances to the poeple how dont know enough to ride within there abilty. So please read before you type, and try not to jump up type when there is not a need.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Knuckledragger screamed:

(insert wise chinese man accent here) Ahhh, your tatic is interesting grasshopper, rendering arguement incomprehesible mean no rebuttal. :
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Billy should read the plethroa of post here. He would see there's much to learn. The advice and help given here is done with full heart and no malice. Billy, this is the place you were looking for.

Knuckledragger was not trolling. He stated his views, perhaps a bit agressively, but valid ones non-the-less. I am sure he doesn't mean all boarders,just those who exhibited a lack of courtesy. Yes, you can find this regardless of what the person is riding... even a sled!

Slider- Well said! I have found the best drivers on the road to be the truckers. They constantly have to worry about hte slip-streamers, ones who pass very fast, cut in front and then slow down (especially when you're going downhill). How about the people who start to pass, get half way through your rig and hang there?!!!!! They are scared to death of passing a rig, so they just sit there in the other lane, pacing you. Then there are those who "don't want to be stuck behind a truck" so the pass in a no-pass zone or pass while they have the double line, or pass with on-coming cars and barely make it, thinking they are cool. "They gotta be first on the mountain" to make the first tracks down the run.

DangerousBrian- My best wishes to you and yours for a speedy and full recovery. Bob

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Billy, dont be so hasty to create a competition between skiers and snow boarders. Here in the east where i ski, skiers, myself included have got you beat hands down, and its us that would be waiting for you to get down the hill, unless youre straight lining something and endangering the rest of the people on it (snowboarders included). 90% of the snowboarders here suck. Out of the ones who are good, there are a small few that are congenial, then you have the ones that think they are just too good and turn into cocky *******s who think they are better than everyone else on the hill. So what if you can smoke knuckledragger, we dont care; fact is there are a lot of people here that could smoke him (no offense just making a point) but we dont talk about it. Its not important to us to say "oooo look im better than you." I think that is grounds for a lot of peoples arguments here.
later all
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As I said, it's attitude! Look at Bob B, Todd M., dchan, Piere Eh, et al. Fine accomopished skiers yet they don't snub anyone. They are here to have fun and help those who ask for it.

They are as all here excellent examples of my favorite addage: (the word 'man' used here is a generic term, meaning man and woman) A man never stands so tall as when he stoops to help his fellow man.
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Think back to the dim days before snow boards were all over the mountain. Did you ski any differently then as now, or did you still ski defensively even then?

Did you eye other skiers as you went down the trail and mentally place each of them in one of two boxes in your brain. Box one, he's okay, skiing pretty well won't be an issue. Box two, he's looking a little out of control, aggressive without the abilities to back it up, better watch him, make my move around him and keep going.

What was the common ground you almost always found? Age. Younger and more aggressive, pushing their abilities past their technique, right?

Now flash foward to today. What do you do differently? You probably put most of the skiers in box one and almost all of the snowboarders go in box two. See how easy it is now?

Back then wouldn't it have been great if there was some idetification system in place that those skiers in box two had to ski with a big red flag to make it easier for you to identify them?

Well, today that system has been put in place for us, but the red flag is a snow board strapped to their feet!
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Y'all are too serious.

Q. What do snowboarders and vacuum cleaners have in common? A. They both suck and are attached to a dirt bag.

Q. What do boarders use for birth control? A. Their personality.

Q. What does a human sperm and a boarder have in common? A. They both have a one in a million chance of becoming a human being.
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Well, interesting thread. As some of you may know, I've been hit by several boarders and have also have had my skis scraped by boarders who wanted a certain line even if it meant running across these (in one case on an otherwise empty trail about 20 yards wide, with me on the extreme right; I was passed on the right and over my skis). Often, though not always, the boarders have said nothing or have rudely blamed me for any mishap. Once this occured because the guy was "in control" yet smacked into my back, fell backward and swore at me. Guess he needed a driver's ed lesson on rear end crashes.

I actually have found NE boarders friendlier, including Killington, than closer to home, say Camelback in PA or Mt Creek. Maybe that says something about relativity. I'd rather ski a trail where they are not present. For me on an icy trail, the worst thing is to hear one coming and have no idea if or how they will avoid you.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by GeoffD:

Oh, and ski patrol on a snowboard. I suppose some resort somewhere has at least one who is allowed to both ski and board while on duty. But a total non-skier patroller? How could you possibly pull a sled with a snowboard to get certified?

Actually I'd rather have a boarder on the tobagan with me and I'm a skier. A good boarder (which is what they would have to be to board on patrol) actually has better control than a person on skis (IMHO).
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Jyarddog - Unfortunately, I am now realizing that KD actually thinks this way but no, his views are not valid. I would like any of the posters who tried to use stats to back up their arguements to give me a source, any source as long as it has a scientific basis for these numbers. "90% of snowboarders are *******s" they cry. I'm sure that you sat on your local hill counting the people that went by and 9 out of 10 of those damn snowboarders were just reeking of loose morals and unscrupulous behavior. "Facial hair" they mutter as they make a check in the ******* column.

The point is that people see what they want to see and there are more complex reasons behind the hatred of snowboarders, mainly dealing with age. The only real difference between snowboarders and skiers is the demographic. This is getting to what powderhound said about the "red flag". This kind of thinking is what leads to a black man getting shot 41 times as he reaches for his wallet. The "red flag" in this case was the color of his skin and the neighborhood he was in. I guaruntee you that some guy will post about this later and say "that's bullsh!t, you can relate racial profiling to snowboarders, that's so much more complex". The fact is that the human mind went through the EXACT SAME process in both instances. You chose not to think and instead follow your gut reaction. So powderhound, maybe the "red flag" shouldn't be a snowboard attached to your feet it should be how that person reacts to you and others and if they happen to be riding a snowboard, so be it. You don't happen to be republican, do ya. "But actually evaluating each person is just too hard when I can just lump them into into categories based on superficial characteristics." (Insert mother love voice here) I know powderhound, I know.

Heluvaskier - The point I was trying to make which apparently escaped you, is that there is NO competition between snowboarders and skiers, there's not ANYTHING. It's a piece of equipment for Christ's sake, "hmmm, I think I'll be a bad-ass and ride my skies or should I reject those corporate squares and ride my board." I don't care how good someone is on what they choose to ride and it's exactly the kind of division that I hate. Besides the physical mechanics, all snow sports are exactly the same and trying to make generalizations based on what a particular person uses is crap. Instead of "snowboarders" in all of these posts you could have said "inconsiderate person" but the use of "snowboarder" means that whenever you see a snowboarder, even if they're a decent person, you think they're iconsiderate. Reminds me of my friend's 23 birthday party the other night, and his father was in attendance. He was wearing an Alta cap, which is commented on and he blurted out through his drunken haze, "And the best part is, no snowboarders." I told him I snowboarded and he instantly tried to backpedal. I told his I also tele and he found a way out. "Well see, at least you're willing to try new things." His respect for me instantly rose simply based on the fact that I use a slightly different piece of equipment, what the fu(k. To sum up my longwinded rant I am reminded of a quote by Bertrand Russell. "Most people would rather die than think, in fact most do."
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Lisakaz - The fact that you've been hit several times by anybody tells me more about the way you ski than about the people that hit you. I can't remember the last time I or any of my friends have been hit by anyone or even been close to being hit. Of course, I am in the land of Big Sky where there's more cows than people so that may have something to with it. If you are seriouly worried about other people get a beacon, some skins, and get into the backcountry, leave everyone behind. Err, wait a second, Stay in your playpens people, nothing to see here, move along. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Billy you are one of the fortunate ones - you ski on hills that are not as densely populated as our in Washington.

A boarder took me out once last year. Poor girl - she was totally overfaced. I spotted her over the crest of the hill and observed her for some time before I felt it was safe to make my way past her.

Her pattern had been as follows:

Stand up on her board, shoot straight across the hill without any control what-so-ever, fall down - in the middle of the hill, below a crest - where ever. Back and forth she did this on a crowded hill.

I made my move and just as I came parallel with her she stood up and went straight across the front of my skis (arms flailing) - she never even knew she took me out. It was a yard sale.

Fortunately a patroller saw her and questioned her on her ability - she began to cry. Seems her big brother was charged with babysitting her and she had to stick with him and his friends. The patrol made her apologize to me and spoke to her brother.

I really felt bad for her, however I did not want her on the hill with me. This has little to do with the equipment she was using. Rather I would say it has more to do with people not taking the time to learn the basics of mountain etiquette, failing to think of the consequences of their actions and perhaps a little about parenting but I won't go there.

In any case I wanted to illustrate for you how even a careful aware skier can be taken out by out of control people.

Cherish you open, uncrowded hills.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Sugar Snack:

Actually I'd rather have a boarder on the tobagan with me and I'm a skier. A good boarder (which is what they would have to be to board on patrol) actually has better control than a person on skis (IMHO).

Plenty of Patroller's who board and do a great job with the sled. I wish my mountain would allow the Patrol to board, but we have a some long flat cat-tracks that aren't condusive to hauling a sled on skis, let alone paddling a board

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Odd Sugar Snack, no one on this board has told a story about a young, frightened, skier who was in over their head and didn't know mountain etiquettie. I know that you'll think I'm taking this the wrong way because you were just using "snowboarder" to identify her but wouldn't "young girl" do just as fine? I think that this just reinforces the theory that people see what they want to see. And don't assume I've never seen a crowded slope, my home mountain may be sparsely populated but I'm a wanderer. I am reminded of a trip to Whistler where I sat in line for and hour and a half waiting for the patrol to get done with avy work on Spanky's Ladder. I happened to be at the front of the line and as soon as they opened the fence it was like a mob riot. People were elbowing, shoving, whatever just to get in front of a few other people. If you're familiar with Spanky's most of the runs require a walking traverse along an icy, exposed ridge and I was amazed that no one died in this melee. BTW they were some of the best turns I've had outside of the backcountry but the experience was greatly diminished by a couple meatheads. The rest of the Whistler trip also sucked because the mountain was so populated, but hey, it snowed like a foot every night. Still, it's pretty easy to keep from getting hit and/or not hitting anyone even on crowded slopes, which due to the law of averages must contain some people who are in way over their head. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by BillyPilgrim:
I know that you'll think I'm taking this the wrong way because you were just using "snowboarder" to identify her but wouldn't "young girl" do just as fine? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

No Billy I just think you like to argue. By way of your reply you knew why I defined her in such a way.

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> I think that this just reinforces the theory that people see what they want to see. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

And you have illustrated that theory well. Read what I wrote not what you want to read.

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> I happened to be at the front of the line and as soon as they opened the fence it was like a mob riot. People were elbowing, shoving, whatever just to get in front of a few other people.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Apples and oranges, Billy. This kind of behavior is not what the posters here have been discussing. Again I ask you to read and not look for the argument you want.

I think I will call you ....... Billy, Billy quite contrary....... [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Excuse me, Billy, for not being compliant to a person who I cannot see but should be able to see me. Since you have no familiarity with the types of crowds at places I have frequented, you may safely be able to predict these things from a blissful, ignorant state. I have never hit anyone, for any reason, while skiing on a trail. Most of the times I've been hit there has been no excuse; I have gotten the lame "last day of the season" line by ski patrol but not even the "I didn't see you."

On the plus side, I was never hit while on a week's holiday in France. Maybe it was the size of the mountain or the trails or lack of boarders or all of the above. Or maybe they just follow the skier's responsibility code better, which I do strictly. Indeed, when I have fallen I have left many many people ski past me and not resume a trail until it is clear.

But don't presume you understand a situation without ever having been in my shoes and have some teen bounch off your back swear at you for being in "their line" like he owns the freakin' mountain and I got eyes in the back of my head. In that case I was stopping to check on a friend (a beginner skier) who was above me on a green dot trail. The boarder hit me before I could turn around even sideways to look. He apparently didn't even notice her or the 1-2 people immediately with her who were above me maybe 10 yards.

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Billy, youre not helping the veiw of snowboarders here any, by ranting a raving about how youre so discriminated against. If you go back and read my first post, i showed some empathy for your cause, but now you are chosing to read and pay attention to only what you want to, as to make it seem like everyone is attckinig snowboarders, or should i say your kind. When i read your posts i see and ignorant rude person - ignoring the fact that you snowboard, that has nothing to do with it. You could have made your point a lot better if you came in here and said that hey guys not all snowboarders are bad...etc. But you have continued your arguemnt with an ignorant lack of empathy for everyone else here (and no i dont mean skiers, think about the bad name youre giving your fellow boarders).

And how is you challenge for kd to join you not a comparison between skiers and snowboarder?

"Come out to Big Sky country and I'll show you some line that tighten your sphincter, I'm serious drop me an email: tiafem@yahoo.com. Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, I'll be riding my Burton Custom as I wait for your lame ass at the bottom of Biggie C."

To my knowledge throwing insults never allowed for a creditable arguement, and now i know youre going to go back through everyones posts here to find insults to prove them wrong... but this is why snowboarders have a bad name on the slopes, because no matter what you tell them, they are never wrong or the issue at hand is never their fault. And i say this as a generalization, because one of my best ski buddies and a snowboarder (she is a damn good one at that) and none of your points in your arguemnts are an issue for her. So we arent saying that all snowboarders are bad, but when one member of a group does/says something that many people are not fond of it reflects badly upon the whole group. Just look at how the poeple on these forums view lawyers .

I would also like to make the point that you made a generalization in thinking that this whole forum was made up of older people looking at snowboarders actions, but im only 18 (19 in december), and a freshman in college. So dont be so quick to jump to conclusions yourself, and treat us how you want to be treated. You are just as defensive here as the snowboarder who hits the person standing on the side of the slope, "we were in your way right..." ...and had no right to state on obvious and now valid opinion of the attitude of snowboarders. I'm sure that many of us could register complaints about fellow skiers (as i did in my first post). This thread was about the preminition that snowboarders as a whole come off as nonchalant and rude to most other skiers on the hill (like when they throw snow at you if you go off the jump they are all sitting in front of).
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The point I was getting at, and one I have stated often in the I hate snowboarders type of discussions, is that age is really the deciding factor. It just happens that young riders choose to become a snow boarder instead of a skier. So snow boarders get the heat. I've never been hit by an older skier or snow boarder (yet), but I have been hit by one young skier and 2 young snow boarders. With boarders making up 1/3 of the numbers on mountains the numbers don't match up to the same ratio to incidents. Statistically I should have been hit by 2 skiers and only one boarder by now.

When it comes to skiing defensively, any time I'm in the immediate area of a boarder my defenses go up much more than being approached by a skier.

Let's face it skiers are wary of snow boarders, you can read about skiers being hit by them all the time in this forum. But, you rarely hear of boarders being hit by skiers, and boarders don't have a defensive attitude toward skiers.

So skiers do have every right to be a little wary about boarders. But, they are here to stay and will probably out number skiers eventually, and have every right to the mountains, just as I do.

A few of my friends are boarders, and of course the topic always comes up, when are you going to try snowboarding? But this question never comes up when I'm gliding along on some traverse and they are akwardly trying to push them selves along, arriving out of breath and having to sit down and recover for 5 minutes, reclip that binding, you've been there. That stuff alone is so unappealing and just plain ugly that I'll stick to my skis for now.

We ski in, we ski out, we ski all about.

Those guys clunk here and there and scrape snow every where.

Maybe when my knees give out or I'm too old to ski any more it will be time to give up and slip into some of those big comfy boots, maybe pierce something too.
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Heluvaskier - First of all, I don't think of myself as a snowboarder. When I am not on a snowboard I am not a snowboarder; I ski, I snowboard, even tried one of those wierd ski blade things for a couple days and my problem isn't that snowboarders are "discriminated" against, that's going to happen no matter what. My problem is the reasons that people use to justify it, which aren't real. I count 8 posts out of 52 that don't bash snowboarders in this thread, so I guess you're technically right, not everyone doesn't like snowboarders just the vast majority. :

Yeah, I'll admit I put that bit in about coming out to Big Sky just to piss KD off, there's a little of the troll in me. But you follow that observation with:

"To my knowledge throwing insults never allowed for a creditable(sic) arguement"

WTF is this thread but one giant insult, therefore, according to your logic the entire thread is not credible which is exactly how I see it. I think are views are closer to mine than you know. You also point out that I could have come in here and said:

"hey guys not all snowboarders are bad...etc"

Yeah and I wouldn't have gotten a response or anyone to actually think about why they don't like snowboarders and as Sugar Snack pointed out, hell yes I like to argue. What better way to see how other people think than engaging them? BTW Sugar (hehe), how is my Whistler example not relevant to what is being discussed? Everyone seemed to understand Slider's truck analogy so I assumed they would make the connection with the story, being that the "me first" mentality is what causes people to not have concern for others. I tried to tie it in to the horror stories have been telling about being hit by rude people on crowded slopes, but I guess I failed.

"I would also like to make the point that you made a generalization in thinking that this whole forum was made up of older people looking at snowboarders actions"

Whaaa? I seem to have made a post in my sleep becuase I can't seem to locate where I made that generalization. If you are refering to my comments to powderhound, I was agreeing that the only difference between boarders and skiers is the demographic. Where's the generalization about the forum? And now for my last trick I will reply to a quote with a quote.

"This thread was about the preminition(sic) that snowboarders as a whole come off as nonchalant and rude"

"So dont be so quick to jump to conclusions yourself"

Ah yes, a premonition, it must have come to KD in a dream. And about those pesky conclusions, I won't if you won't...
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Some of us older guys love snow boarders. We just wish that the Fish & Game folks would up the bag limit on those critters.

Anyone out there got any good stew recipes?
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Sugar Snack:
You stated; "My biggest complaint is anyone who does not have "hill etiquette."" [img]smile.gif[/img] It is great to find someone that really can see the problem. When I'm riding with my son, we have to go to "The Bird" because he boards. We can both see people that don't know how to ride the hill. I think the reason we see it more with boarders is because most of them ride & learn from their friends. No one ever tells them about "hill etiquette." Some of them don't know the down hill person has the right of way, etc. But, I often pass people and yell "passing on your right side" or what ever. And they turn right into me. Thats why I love to ski ALTA, most of the time I'm off the main runs. I don't have to worry about alot of other people. Also we need to be aware that skiiers & boarders ride the mountain differently. We ski the middle and stop on the sides, they ride the edges and stop in the middle. It would be great to see boarding only resorts, kind of how ALTA & Deer Valley are skiing only.

What we need to do is to learn to ride the hill. Let get out there and do the ride and enjoy the slide. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I enjoyed your post. [img]smile.gif[/img] Not because you were lambasting a boarder, but because you were stating the obvious. Your post sounded like my son. We do alot of riding together. He boards & I ski, but we get to see the mountain through each others eyes. If you are ever out here in Utah, naybe we can do some turns.
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What is everybody's problem?????

Is it that some skiers are elitist snobs and completely lack tolerance? Or is it that they are just too blind and dumb to think for themselves and instead depend on the the stereotypes of a group of people? Or maybe it is that they have their heads so far up their own @$$es that they cannot see clearly. Whatever the case may be, someone needs to educate these people. You know who you are!

I am a skier and will continue to be one, however, I cannot see the logic or reason of picking on one group of people just because they ride one stick down the hill instead of two.

Some people in this forum state that Snowboarders are inferior because of ettiquite matters. NEWS FLASH! I have met just as many @$$holes on skis as I have on boards. No matter where you go you will find jerks of every size, shape, color, and winter sport equipment.

Another case is that boarders ruin the bumps for the skiers. To that I simply have this to say: "Would you like some cheese with your whine?" The reason that borders tear up bumps is their lack of experience in bumps, not their equipment. How many skiers have you seen ruin a mogul field because they have no idea what they are doing? it goes the same way with boarders. However, there are good boarders that know how to ride the bumps and not demolish them, just as there are skiers that can do the same. However...it is just easier to use snowboarders as a scapegoat and place tha blame on them...isn't it????

Next issue: Ruining slopes...yes...I dislike when a beginner boarder rides their backside edge all the way down the hill, pushing away all the snow, leaving only ice. I am from the MW so you western folks have nothing to whine about, boarder cleared ice is like skiing down a driveway...However, wedge turners and snowplowers do the same thing. They create just as much crud as a boarder that is inexperienced.

Another issue: the drugs. I have many friends, on boards, that I ski with. None of them has touched a narcotic in their life. Heck, there are 40+ year old men picking up the sport. It is a new challenge, something they haven't masterd yet. Do you see them liting up on the lift? No! However...there are people that do keep up a "smoky" image on the slopes and you see them riding everything from a Burton Floater to Salomon Beta Race Series. Trust me, if you don't believe this I will introduce you to some of the local ski team members.

Mountains, or hills, are not meant to be segregated...why keep people from enjoying all that is snow?

In conclusion... I would like to remind the skiing masses to pull your head out of your rear and take a look around. Hopefully you will see things in a diferent way.
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I'm baaaaack! Sorry, gotta support someone here.

There is no excuse at all for someone hitting another from the back. Who could that guy NOT see her?

One time I was make a line down the center. I saw a boarder below me, making long carves. I did two things: 1. I timed his carves so that I could get by safely. 2. I moved well over to the left to really stay out of his way. He was a good 80 yrds to my right. He made another turn (now coming toward me and fairly even with me and within his eyesight, obviously). Suddenly he was on me. he made a hard right, and I a hard left. We barely missed each other. He was looking down at his board, not at traffic. But...... instantly he appologized as we both made our turns (all happened fast). And I said, "No problem!" See? Attitude! I did everything I could to stay out of his way, but we almost clobbered. He had the right of way untill I was even with him and in his eyesight. Even if we had crashed and burned, his attitude was right, and it was and would have been no problem to me even then. Stuff happens. His attitude made it ok by me. Was he a youngin? Yes. Perhaps the exception. By and large I am seeing mroe exceptions as time goes on. Soon these exceptions will become the genralization.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by jyarddog:
DangerousBrian- My best wishes to you and yours for a speedy and full recovery. Bob<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Thanks jyarddog she's back home just a few bruises, bad neck and bad wrist but all should be OK after a few days rest.

I was behind her when it happened, we were both moving slow, she wasn't even on the boarders blind side and there weren't any other skiers/boarders nearby at the time. My little lady was in his line of site for a good few seconds, I just don't think he had the ability to turn at speed. The racers (on ski's) that were in training would sometimes come onto the other slopes, they travelled must faster than the boarders but were in complete control.

When some boarders drop down the fall line they seem to have the ability to remain upright but can't make a controlled turn to avoid anybody that moves across the path below them. The ski population over here (Austria) is much greater than the boarders
although I have been hit twice in the same way by boarders but only once by a (older)skier (onlookers confirmed the other snow-users were to blame). Maybe it's because it is harder for a learner skier at speed to remain upright than it is a learner boarder. I am not even convinced some boarders and skiers realise the person below them has right of way.

As I said before it's just some boarders and at least this boarder didn't have attitude, he helped all he could after the collision.

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