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G3 El Hombre feedback

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Hey y'all, has anyone tried this ski ? I got an unbelievably deal on a pair this morning, and wanted get some opinions on it.

Thanx in advance.

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I have ridden with a couple of the guys that run that site and they've skied the Hombre a ton.
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I have tried G3 El Hombre yesterday in Kitzbuhel.

However, very little powder.

Snow conditions: hard crud, icy, little powder on it - here the ski is too "rattling".

And also very soft, very wet heavy spring snow - here fine float, but ski feels lazy to make it turn - not very turnable.


It was mode  185 cm, 132-105-124. No radius is given - but according my oppinion too large radius.

Very good float, but very stiff ski.Not much side cut - only very large carving on piste can be made. .

For me (184cm height, 75 kg) it is too stiff ski, not turnable in slow speed. Good turning only in very high speeds (I guess over 50 km/h). Not good for shorter turns for me.


I would summarize it: hard, quite heavy, definitelly not for beginners. Not very turnable in slow speed. Stable in high speed, stable in large radiuses, could be nice ski for heavy skiers (95 kg or heavier). Maybe more turnable for heavy weighting skiers.


For me too heavy, too stiff and too little radius. Not for skiers like me - around 75 kg.

But I am quite novice in off piste, and I like probably more forgiving ski.



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