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thanks, yes I am still trying to demo whatever I can. I actually played 6 holes last weekend. I used the Srixon and the FT 6 iron. I have to say the FT seemed to be the better of the two for me in actual play. I would like to try a few others first though. If all goes well, I should be good to go by Mid August.
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I strongly suggest that you have your clubs fitted by a pro who knows what he/she is doing. Not all do. Here are a few things I believe to be true about clubs, club fitting, and golf in general.

Shaft flex and lie angle are the most important aspects of a club. If these two things are wrong you will NEVER achieve your potential in the game.

Clubs must be balanced across the set.

Clubs must be fitted on the range where ball flight can be observed by someone who knows how to interpret the data.

The short game is what you must master first. A good short game will allow you to score well even if your swing is out of sync on any given day. Therefore, your wedges and putter are the most important clubs in your bag. There is NO exception to this rule.

Money spent on lessons with someone WHO REALLY KNOWS THE GAME is the best money you will ever spend. I've only met a few who truly know what they're talking about and who know how to effectively teach.

The golf swing demands repeatability if you want to shoot consistently low scores.

The only club head speed that counts is the speed at contact. You must learn to relax, relax, relax when hitting a golf ball. Learn how to develop a swing where your maximum acceleration is at impact.

With irons, hitting down on the ball makes it go higher. Yes, even a 3 iron. It is easier to control a golf ball if you can hit it with reasonable height. This is what clubs are designed to do if used properly. Very few golfer can hit a low shot with a high degree of control. That's why even the pros marvel at Tiger's stinger shot. It's incredibly hard to do.
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thanks, see post 15
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Don't overlook Mizuno. Can be custom fit, and the feel of forged clubs is fantastic. Are you a member at The Architects club. Love that place.
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Adjacke, yes we are members. My wife and I are able to go out and play a few holes at a time. Thank God all fees are included. I am using 5/6 irons off the ladies tee's. Still plenty of 400 plus yard holes. Works fine for now. Surgery is next Monday and I should be out of order for 3-4 weeks but I should be back in time for late summer and be able to work on longer irons/hybrids. I am not interested in Drivers for this season. I keep going back to the FT's, they really are nice clubs. I just seem to hit them well. I am taking lessons each week with a very good teacher. Very into bio-mechanics. Has really helped.

I see you are in Atlanta, did you relo down there?
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Relocated 3.5 years ago, from Cherry Hill outside philly originally. As far as clubs go, if you hit them well, like the way they look, then go with them. These are in my opinion the 2 most important factors in choosing a club.
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Originally Posted by stevesmith7 View Post
The topline is a bit thick, but if you're shopping Callaway you won't notice.
Now that's funny!
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