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Magic Mtn?

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Hey Folks!
1st Post for me! Cool place ya have here.
Die hard Eastern skier here, 30+ years of boiler plate under my belt....

Seems to be quite a few knowledgeable folks hanging around here from within the industry.
Maybe somebody can shed some light on what's going on at Magic Mtn in VT. I've heard it's for sale again, after the last couple years of being open again. And what a year this one was....Wow..Wow...Wow..Am I being misinformed? Hmmn, the website is still up....


Take care!
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I almost got arrested trying to ski @ magic mountain in CA.
I would be careful.
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Welcome Allen!
Montclair, eh? That would be very close to my original stomping grounds (exit 145). How is Soprano-land these days?

Deep yogic breaths...
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Welcome Allen! If you guys keep talking about the exits we're going to have to bring out the jokes...

Don't know about Magic. Did you ski there this year? I hear good things about the trails if there's a lot of snow.

ah..I suppose this should be in "Resorts" thread. Though Magic is hardly a "Resort"
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The town of Londonderry almost put the resort up for auction last April because they owed 3 years back property taxes. The owners paid their tax bill at the last minute. Haven't heard that it's for sale.

Friday, April 27th, 2001, issue
of The Manchester, Vt Journal:

Magic Mountain up for tax sale
by Veronica Whitney, Journal Correspondent

LONDONDERRY - As streams of melted snow run down the slopes of Magic Mountain, ownership of the mountain could change hands Tuesday when it goes up for tax sale....
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Maybe we should call the Magic View Motel and see what's up?
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GeoffD- Thanks for the answer, that would make sense as they are running on a shoestring budget these days.

If anybody is ever looking for a good day of skiing in Southern Vt, with good natural snow, Magic is the place! Trust me. Steep double fall line narrow steeps, glades and such. You'll get hooked.....

Hit it this year in late march, Omigod it was sick!! Skied trails that have been closed for decades....

Thanks for all the responses,

Sweltering in Joisey.....
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exit154, check out the thread of NE bears meeting. next year sometime. hey if snow is really good we could go over there perhaps.
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