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How did you start skiing?

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I thought of this question when I was posting in the resort & travel forum about the first mountain I ever skied at.. Here's how I got into skiing.

I was 5 years old, and my family and I were vacationing in Bangor, Maine. Some friends of ours were staying at a ski resort somewhere on the east coast called Squaw Mountain, and they invited to come visit them. So we did. While we were there, a big storm came along and we got storm stayed there. Our K-car just couldn't make it back to bangor, so we decided to stay the night.

The next day, our neighbors convinced us to try skiing, and my mom and dad rented the whole family some gear, and we were on our way. I still remember my very first coast down the bunny hill, I had no control over my skis and I spun 360ยบ half way down, but didn't fall. After the second or third run on the bunny hill, my father (who is a little over adventurous sometimes) decided to take us up to the top on a chairlift. Where on my first run down, I proceeded to twist and badly sprain my right knee. We were either storm stayed for a couple more days or my family wanted to ski more, but either way I spent the rest of the week in the lobby of the hotel / chalet with my knee wrapped in ice playing with the Saint Bernard that lived there (he even had a little woodden whisky bottle around his neck!)

Ever since that week, I've been obsessed with it..

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I woke up on Christmas day 1959 to see a shiny new pair of Mongomery Wards skis under the Christmas tree. Wood with metal edges and cable bindings. I just wore regular boots and straped in. My first run was into the ditch in the front yard and into my first face plant. I was hooked from that day on.
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It was 1974 and I was about 2 1/2 years old, Dad used to spend all winter racing in the Alps so Mum would take us to meet him (we lived in North Germany at the time).
Dad took me to the top of a hill, strapped some plastic skis to my feet and said "meet you at the bottom son". He then took numerous photos of me in a blind rage because I couldn't get the hang of it.
Funniest thing he ever saw apparently.
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I went on a school day trip to a local ski area when I was in 5th grade (11 yrs old). I remember the Spademan bindings. I took a lesson and my ski instrcutor, just by chance, was a cousin of mine on my Dad's side. She, and 2 of her sisters all taught skiing there, and two of them still do.
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'Twas March '98.
Girlfriend was going to Aspen on (no business like show) business and asked if I'd like to accompany. "Sure, why not?" I'd never been and thought it'd be cool to spend some time in the mountains and snow. Asked if I'd be interested in a ski or snowboard lesson. "Sure, why not?" Heck, kill some time, might even be fun. Can't really say why I chose the skis over the board other than a gut feeling. I also thought it was somehow "cooler."
Took a lesson at Buttermilk, next day at Snowmass. Seriously, the addiction was instantaneous. That first run away from instructor, down Homestead, then finishing on a blue run (Columbine, I think) where I accidentally popped a little air off a little lip into a little powder...was The Sh*t. The smile didn't leave my face till I got home.
Skiing is IT.

(My apologies to longtime Bears, who're prob'ly sick of my rendering of this occassion but heck, I'll never get tired of replaying it.)

(for you late starters, i was 36 at the time.)

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If I told you it involved drink would you believe me?
Anyway, no time now. I'll be drinking soon, and want to go home and get changed, so if this thread is still going when I'm next sober, I'll tell the whole (boring) story.

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I actually tell this story to my frustrated novice skiers all the time to "cheer" them up a little....

I was an out of shape 12 yr. old on a weekend trip with the school's teen club. I thought it would be cool to get away with my friends so I went. Got the rentals (yes spademan's), lesson etc.... It was snowing, I couldn't make a turn without falling, and I was wearing jeans. I was cold, wet, and miserable. I decided I hated skiing.

Two yrs. latter my friends talked me back into going on that same trip. I decided to give it a second chance, only this time I made mom buy me some ski pants!!! Somehow I got hooked and have been skiing ever since.

The moral of my story... if I can do it, anybody can.
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It was January, 1956, and the family went ice skating at Estes Park. My brother and I were stand around on the ice getting bored and watching these folks on long boards trying to avoid the trees. We convinced my father to rent skis for the afternoon and the whole family tried it. My brothers and I have been hooked ever since.

Later that spring my dad bought several pair of old army ridge top wooden skis (some had metal edges!) complete with bear traps and cables, collection of bamboo ski poles and assorted boots (none really intended to be ski boots as I recall) for $15 at somebodys garage (junk?) sale. One of my regrets is that I didn't hang on to a pair of those skis.
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I was so young i can't really remember.
My frist skiing memory is not a happy one. I was 4 or 5 and the bases of my ski's were iced up. I was very pissed off because i wanted to ski [img]smile.gif[/img]. Can't remember anything before that although i also "skied" the year before.
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How about I tell a story about how I almost started skiing? When I worked at a publishing house, they sponsored a ski trip from NYC. I had started dating a guy and tried to gauge his desire to go with me (I knew he skied, I did not). It was about then he dropped off the map and went back to the girl who dropped him for med school in in PA (Pittsburgh maybe).

Okay, so I really started skiing several years later when I went to (then) Vernon Valley with a friend of mine, her then beau (now x-fiance) and my then new beau (now the X who married the Costco chick who doesn't ski, as far as I know). Lots of one on one instruction and attention I liked, well, then anyway...

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In 1968 I was 7 years old, and my mother, her boyfriend, my brother and I went to Ski Liberty (used to be called Charnita) in Emmitsburg PA. I put on boots. I carried my skis & poles to the bunny hill. I stepped into my skis. I waddled toward the rope tow. I grabbed the rope and hung on for dear life. I waddled off at the top. I pointed downhill in a giant wedge (as instructed by my mother's then-boyfriend) and made the whole run w/o a fall. He then said "pressure one ski or the other, and watch what happens." Next run I did just that. I fell once. I got up. I completed the run. I did the bunny hill 2x more then moved to the green corkscrew trail.

Self-taught from then until 1999, when I took a disastrous private lesson at The Big Mountain. Nothing clicked for me until I started working with nolobolono's friend Jim W 2 seasons ago.
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I started late, at age 36. Some people at work organized a company ski trip and, since two other first-timers were going, I figured I wouldn't be the only one whose butt became intimately acquainted with the snow.

That day changed my perception of winter. Now, while everyone else becomes depressed as the snow and cold weather arrive, I jump and shout and cheer.
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I started when I was three-and I don't really remember it. I do remember I had wooden skis that you just attached to your snow boots. After that I graduated to real leather lace-ups.
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Born 65 and started around 1971, dont' really remember...Only that I skied places like Livigno (called, rather pompously "the little tibet", because it's soooo cold)
and Macugnaga(near Alagna)
My skiing memories go back to 1975 at the most...
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My first ride on skis was standing on the tops of my dad's toes as we slid down hills beside roads near our town in rural Northern Michigan. One of the physicians he practiced with had been to New England in the 30's and learned to ski. Our families would share the riding downhill and the driving in both directions so no one had to walk back up. This was '44-'45.
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My parents bought a new condo, one of the first at a new ski and golf resort in Northern Michigan (lower pen). At the time it was called Schuss Mountain, now called Shanty Creek, home of Schuss Mountain. Enough corporate BS. Anyway, parents dropped me off at a less on that winter, I was around 3, and I have never looked back. Took lessons for a year or so, then self taught. I was considered "too aggressive" for the group lessons, and my parents did not pay for privates. Broke my leg on a run called Chicken's Choice when I was 7. Well, to make a short story long, my father feels that it was the best decision and worst that he ever made to teach me to ski. Now I live in Utah and family still lives in Michigan.
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During my senior year at college a few of my buddies and I went to the ski show in Washington, D.C. to see the legendary Jean Claude. That, of course, led to the decision to go to Ski Roundtop and try it out. Being poor college students it was either lessons or beer-you can guess which decision we made.
I got the usual "friendly" instruction-here's how to do a snowplow and was abandoned in the beginners area. At least it wasn't fabled GLMF method-take the newbie to the top, give em a push and yell "Good Luck Mother F*****"

That was over 30 years ago (and 22 as an Instructor), and I've loved every minute. :
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I got a pair of Fischer skis for my 10th birthday which is in July. They were solid wood with metal edges and my boots were leather. I made my first turns (coached by my mom) in the backyard on the grass because I couldn't wait for winter. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I was going to work in Switzerland for year and one of the guys I was going with was a good skier. So he got me all excited about skiing there, helped me get all the gear etc. The trip fell through, but I kept skiing.
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I was 3 when my parents first took me skiing, so I don't remember much. We skied every weekend throughout my childhood. I didn't ski much except during vacations at college and I was too poor after my parents took me off the dole to ski much until I became a ski instructor in 1980, which has made skiing affordable although it does not afford me a living. My own kids started skiing at age 2 and are accomplished skiers today, though they claim I made them ski too much when they were young, which is why they don't ski much now. They are teenagers who tend to embellish the extent of child abuse they have suffered at my hands. Someday I hope they see it as a gift!
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1965 - Mt. Ashland in Southern Oregon had opened the previous winter. My best friend at the time wanted to learn to ski & I decided to join him. My parents drove me over to Sears where we bought some wood skis with cable bindings then we went to Rogue Ski Shop to get some leather lace up boots & used ski pants. I was signed up for 5 lessons on Saturdays taking the bus up. The 5 lessons were miserable it being the a wet, stormy winter & none of the clothes back then were waterproof. There were times my hands were so numb I couldn't put the cable binding back in its track. When I got home I couldn't grasp my wet clothes well enough to take them off. My hands & feet would sting all night as they thawed out. Looking back I can see why my best friend didn't stick with the sport & I sometimes wonder about what made me stick with it at first.
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I was about 5 years old, and it was 1990. My kindergarden class was going on a field trip to COP here in Calgary, and I just got on some skis, climbed up the hill a little, and skied down. It was pretty fun, except I spend more time skiing backwards than forwards, and as a result of that I crashed into the hay barrels protecting the lift towers about 10 times.
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It was 1970, I was four, and the skis were wooden. My parents took us to Stowe. I remember trying to manage the T-bar at Tollhouse. The(mole)hill looked monstrous!

Would love to get back there now for a run down the Front Four! Learning to ski on the east coast definitely made me learn to use my edges (if you don't you slide for a longggggg wayyyyy on that everpresent New England sheet ice!).

Skiing here ain't too shabby either though!

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In the Summer of 2000 I had stopped at a garage sale on the way home from whatever trivial stuff i was doing that day.

They had a set of 180cm PRE 1200 skis for sale, with bindings, for 20 bucks.

I decided that I would buy them and try skiing that year. I figured the worst that could happen was I'd be out 20 bucks, right?

Good thing I was ignorant.
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In January of 1995 my sister decided to take me skiing as my bithday present for my 50th birthday. I tried to talk her out of it, but she insisted.

My sister lives in Fresno, California so we went to Sierra Summiit which is 65 miles North East of Fresno. With 1500 feet of vertical from 8700 feet down to the base at 7200 feet, Sierra Summit would be a major resort in the East, but with Tahoe to the north and Mamoth only a little farther from LA it is just a local hill for Fresno.

My sister said that she could teach me to ski, but after two runs down the bunny hill I went to the ski school and traded in my lift ticket for a ski lesson and a restricted lift ticket that was only good for the bunny hill.

After the lesson on the bunny hill, the instructor took some of the class up the lift to the top of the mountain and we skiied down a long green run called academy.

I decided that as long as I had started, I ought to give it a fair chance, which meant coming back several more times and taking more lessons. I went 30 times before the Sierra Summit closed for the season.

three years later on Christmas day on her first run of the day and of the ski season, my sister snapped her ACL, and she has retired from skiing.

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I've cross country skied and snowshoed for maybe 15 years, and found myself living 4 miles from Butternut Basin in western Mass during winter 2000-2001. I had lots of time on my hands, so I decided to buy a season pass and get used demo gear (volkl G20) and new boots. I took 2 lessons during my first 10 times skiing. I felt horrible and did not enjoy it for the first four or five times and started to feel comfortable on blues by the 10th time. About mid-way through the season I took a 2-day Master the Mountain course at Gore Mountain in NY. I kept skiing, hit various areas in NY and Vermont, then headed off on a road trip to Jackson Hole, Alta and Squaw Valley and Pac NW. We're back in Seattle this year where we're from, and I've got a season pass at Alpental. Been skiing about 12 times this season at Alpental, Mt Ashland, Stevens Pass and Crystal Mt. Plan to take three or four private lessons this year to improve on bumps, powder and super steep double blacks and I've taken up snowboarding (1 lesson, been out 3 or four times).
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I started sometime around 1959 or 1960. We had a local ski hill with one rope tow and 2 ways down---when you graduated to the other way down---you were considered very good!

I'd love to go back there now! Somewhere in the lower peninsula of Michigan.

I have been skiing relatively constantly since. Took alot of time off in the 70's and 80's getting an education and raising my family. One to three days a year during that time, since 1990, maybe 30m days a year on average.

Expect to keep going for another 20 yeares at least!
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I started in the winter of 1991-92 at the age of 29 and I am a self-taught skier.

I know, I know, I should take a lesson. Maybe in Fernie for the Bears Gathering. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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i started skiing after finals last semester. i went with 2 friends, one was boarding the other skiing. one flipped a coin and it was skiing. now im starting to get my own gear and demoing.. and we're planning a ski trip for spring break.. WOOHOO...

why are fun sports so expensive...
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December 1960 when I was 12 and my brother was 9. First family ski trip to North Conway, NH. for Xmas vacation. Stayed at The New England Inn in Intervale; skied at Black Mountain in Jackson. We borrowed equipment: Wooden skis with cable bindings; leather boots with laces; poles with baskets the size of steering wheels. My skis had splintery bottoms but nice screw-in metal edges. My brother's skis had pretty smooth bottoms but no edges! Of course, we had an absolute blast - we're still doing it!
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