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Lange L 10

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I just got some of these and want to know about any experiences you have had with these boots. Thanks for the input.
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I have had a pair of the Lange L10 for a couple of years now. I love the boot and find them to be extremely responsive, it just took a while to get them fitted to my feet perfectly.
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Tried many other boots but keep coming back to Langes and wondering why I,ve strayed. In the L10 now and won't change until Lange comes up with something better.
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Once I got them to fit properly the L10 has been the best boot I've ever skied on. Very powerful. Fairly stiff but doesn't seem to beat me up during the day.
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Have any of you gotten the liners molded, do you recommend it? When I go back to the shop (Sturtevants) I think I'll ask them about it. Thanks everyone.
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Skied the L10 since it came out. I have 2 pair. A Race Fit and an ACD. While the liners are a little different the most noticeable thing is that the ACD is softer flexing. Still stout, though. Because of that, the ACD is more to my liking even though I don't need the width. I shimmed them back in.

I love the precision and power. They are comfortable enough and don't bother my shins. My only conplaint is getting out of them at the end of the day. It's tough to get my foot out w/o some uncomfotable pressure on my instep.

Great boot.
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I broke every buckle on my L10 ACD's that I bought last season in about 50 days of skiing. The liners packed out and have put me in continuous pain, AND the rep at mt. hood would not help me with any of the problems. problem solved, however, when I bought some sollie course axes for $225, new. The lange's were ok while they were new but the liners pack out too much (more than faintly reminiscent of the company that bought lange -- rossi, the buckles are very flimsy, and the customer service is horrendous. Sorry i've just had a bad experience. aside from uncountable canting problems because the boots arent very adjustable, they are quite powerful boots. they have exceptionally good rearward support and are just the right stiffness for me (165 lb racer) in all terrain except cruddy, slushy bumps at jackson (personal experience). If they fit your foot and you can avoid ripping the buckles apart so you never have to deal with the company, they're fun boots. if.
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