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Mt Hood June 16-20 - Page 2

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I'm sitting in the Timberline Lodge by the Cascade dining room in a cozy chair and I got a wifi connection (YAY), so I'm sitting here while Jeff is out skiing.

No one contacted him to set a time to meet, so I guess he's out skiing alone. I don't know....I'm not skiing.
I haven't seen him since 8:30, so he could have met up with Slider et al, but I don't know.

Here's some top of page celebratory steez for ya'll........Palmer at 8:30 am. Weather is PERFECT: Sunny, windless, 47 degrees.
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MoeLarryCheese, we're staying in Hood River tonight and won't catch you this trip. We're getting a good nights' sleep and heading out EARLY in the morning to hit the coast. We're both tired from having fun, and a night off would be welcomed. Catch up on the zzzzzz's and recharge.

Today would have been a wonderful sick day!
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squirrely dudes
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