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Poll Results: Wax or Shave?

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  • 46% (12)
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    Neither, the Bear look is what makes me sexy!
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Waxing costs money and time, a band aid takes all of two seconds
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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post
It also makes it easier to get a good massage, shows off your muscles better (see before and after pics above), makes your legs "hotter" in bed (so I'm told). I sleep alone without AC, in a semi-tropical climate) and shaving actually made my legs feel cooler in bed. The sheets slide over shaved legs, it feels pretty good.
Yup. Hotter and cooler. But ya gots to be a bit of a freak
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Yes, no point in shaving above the tan line because we all know how bulleproof lycra cycling tights are:

When raing you will go down on the road at some point. (NOT if but WHEN) and you will be glad your hips or a$$ are shaved/waxed too. I'm not going to debate, if you think it's ghey or not necessary hen whatever- so be it. Having been there and done that (crashed) I can say it's definately more comfortable and easier to clean/heal after road rash if the skin is free of hair.
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Yeah, if you are racing. shave your ass, hips, whatever. That's important.
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Here is my girlfriends opinion on the matter...

[23:17] alex781021: should i shave my legs?
[23:22] Ivy: lol what?!
[23:22] alex781021: yeah
[23:22] Ivy: why would you shave your legs?
[23:23] alex781021: well should I?
[23:23] Ivy: why?!
[23:24] alex781021: yes or no
[23:24] Ivy: i dont understand why you would shave your legs!
[23:24] Ivy: explain your logic plz?
[23:25] alex781021: i asked you first!
[23:25] alex781021: you seem very against it, why
[23:25] alex781021: well if i start cycling seriously it would help
[23:25] Ivy: i dont think you should
[23:26] alex781021: why not!
[23:29] Ivy: cuz
[23:29] Ivy: hair is good

I'm glad me and her are on the same page!
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I'm guessing both:

(This you, TC?)
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I keep 'em hairy. Some of the guys I work with at the bike shop shave, probably about half of the serious riders. I think much of the shaving thing is as a badge of being a serious cyclist, a way to show you're committed to your sport. By shaving his legs, the male cyclist is showing that he eschews contemporary social conventions in favour of those of his sub culture.

Me? I just ride my bike.
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Originally Posted by telerod15 View Post
He was serious!? Wow. Shaving above the tan line is NOT cycling related.
It is for women. Google: Self infection from the bowel, toilet paper, wearing lycra and chamois for long time.
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Originally Posted by Trekchick View Post
Trekchick's shaving tip!
If you choose to shave instead of wax, lemme share a little tip that helps get a closer shave and prolongs the smoothness of the area.

This post has me convinced that chix never get hair behind the big knee tendon.
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Quite possibly. But with the sensitivity of the skin behind the knee, I'd much rather shave than wax. YIKES and OWIE!
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World naked bike ride tomorrow in a city near you.

McPherson Square 4pm in DC. SEE you there!
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So I went for my group ride last night - minus one other dude and an Asian guy (only a few whispy body hairs...), I was the only "au naturale" guy in the group. Hmmm.... Might be time to re-think the shearing again... : I was also in a group of about 2 dozen - the only one without their kit... ODDBALL.
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Originally Posted by Alpinord View Post
I'm guessing both:

(This you, TC?)

: : : : :

I'm thinking I need a ride...RIGHT NOW!!! :
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I need a rider.
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Originally Posted by Alpinord View Post

I just had to clear our minds of Johnny's last post.
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I want to come back as a bike seat.
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Originally Posted by Lucky View Post
I want to come back as a bike seat.
Just make sure its not a motorcycle seat...
In fact, I think you're really taking your chances with that wish. :
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to clarify.....her bike seat
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Wax or guess!
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thanks...16 riding partner has the 12 spoke...and 180 cranks!
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Carbonissimo- Please don't tell me you ride that straight block in Utah! What is that- an 18 tooth low?
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negative dp, that picture was taken in Florida...I have a 25 for Utah...what are you using?

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In it's vintage configuration, my Pinarello had a 42/52 up front and 13-21 (6 cogs) on the rear. I'm picking up the frame from the framebuilder today- had the rear triangle spread from 126 to 130mm, and I will now have 13-26 (10 cog cassette) on the rear, 39/53 up front. It should give me a little more low end for the CO hills!

That De Rosa is beautiful!
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Originally Posted by Alpinord View Post
I'm guessing both:

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