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Extreem Carving: ACL Killer

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I havent seen this stuff before but must be the ultimate knee killer!
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Ha ! So reminds me of what's been dubbed "the Diva move". Those teenage girls sitting on their skis, sliding or not. But modified to the Euro carve. It could well be called "The Diva Carve". Makes me think of Nicola Werdenigg.
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"I'd like to blow out both of my knees... oh, and I'd like to look silly while doing it. Any suggestions on how I should proceed?"

Try Euro-carving. Add a backpack for extreme gaperiphic panache.
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Whiteroom, you didn't turn up the audio. "Nothin's gonna happen".
It was a guy wearing the backpack. And we all know only men can be gaperific. Ok, sorry, humor is a bit touched today as a result of Women can't jump reasons.
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OK... one footed carving with the inside hip scraping? I swear the eurocarving scene is marketed and funded by a group of knee surgeons...
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