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Imagine what Stenmark could have done on the new skis.

He would have dominated the world cup and defined state of the art technique, just like he did on the straight sticks. We can only attempt to imagine what the cutting edge technical model he would define on these skis would look like, but whatever it looked like the best racers in the world would be clamoring to emulate it.
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Originally Posted by Nobody
Racers started to wear helmets during GS events some 10 years later (1992 or so).
This is funny! I wore helmets while competing in GS events over 30 years ago and I'm pretty sure it was commonplace and required some years earlier. (Of course I wasn't exactly competing on the World Cup circuit) I distinctly recall watching Bill Kid, Jimmy Heuga, Buddy Werner race in helmets in 1964.

Its the wearing of helmets in slalom events that only became commonplace after the introduction of breakaway gates.
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Skidder, mmmh Helmets in GS events at WC race 30 years ago?
MMMh. being 38 y.o. I have no memories of that, still this doesn't changethe fact that
the two pictures referenced are both of GS events, even Stenmark's one; and that's a fact.
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I don't know if the WC required helmets back then. I remember Killy racing with a baseball cap at Cannon in 1969. Karl Shranz, as I recall, and the other Austrians, had some pretty strange looking leather helmets in the late 60's. Plastic helmets, meeting the requirements of the Snell Foundation were required in racing here in the US (for downhill and GS) from at least the early 70's.
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Originally Posted by Nobody
I am 97 % sure that both images have been taken at GS events (if you read italian see here:
Yet the title of the Stenmark picture says it's SL -- Kitzbuehl 1982.
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I stand correct BigE, I had to search for the calendar of that season, on the FIS site it's reported an SL event and not a GS. And that's a fact
So all machinations have been for naught. OH well. Summer is boring sometimes.
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I was induced in error by the Italian link, that'l teach me always to double/triple check the sources, especialy in Internet!
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Stenmark was phenomenal wasn't he? Thoeni is the other all time great who comes to mind. I don't hear his name much anymore although he did get some note as Tomba's slalom coach.
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Thoeni is the general "manager" for all Italian teams (both boys and girls, all disciplines), well, at least he was till last season. He should still be, unless some dramatic change has occoured in the off-season.
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On the helmet issue (not that it has anything to do with anything any more):

In Stenmark's day -- if memory serves, and I think it does -- a WC racer wearing a helmet in a GS would have been quite strange.

On the other hand, the USSA has required helmets for kids in the GS since at least the mid '70s.
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I believe that the memories of Killy-era racers with helmets is probably guided by two other facts...

1) some DH racers wore 'em back then, but I don't recall GS racers wearing them.

2) Redford wore one in many scenes of Downhill Racer
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Thread Starter 

(downhill racer, 1969)

...the first ten minutes of which every skier and filmmaker should watch. (not saying it falls apart after that - it doesn't - but that opening sequence is just delicious.)

i can see the plain silver headcans now.
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If my memory serve me right, Alberto Tomba introduced the helmet use for WC GS. He started to cut the line off so tight and got tired of hitting his head. Don't recall if he had a helmet on at the 88 Olympic GS, but may have started soon thereafter. Many were slow to follow. I think FIS started requiring GS helmets in the mid 90's. USSA may have been sooner, but not by much. 1992 maybe? I am not at home otherwise I would check my old USSA and FIS manuals. Surely some of the coaches participating here would know.
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I'm not sure how a thread about a flexed ski got converted into a helmet thread, but:

- Helmets for WC downhill were, I think, de rigeur in the Stenmark era, and even in the Killy era. That is: common (if not universal) for downhill, though rare (if not unknown) for GS. I don't know if this was the result of FIS rules, or practice. I've got to figure the rules required helmets in DH pretty far back there.

- Helmets were required by the USSA (or maybe the PNSA, though I think it would've been the USSA) for GS since at least 1973. This may not have been across the board (maybe not Nor-Am, or Can-Am, as I think it was then known), but it applied to the garden variety regional races.

- "Downhill Racer" holds up well, I think. The skiing sequences may be "outdated" in some sense, but they're still cool.
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Originally Posted by sjjohnston
I'm not sure how a thread about a flexed ski got converted into a helmet thread, but:
I made a comment wondering if comparisons of style and technique could be acruately made across era's especially since one was a GS turn (Helmeted skier) and the other a SL turn (unhelmeted skier).

I'm still wondering
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Skier_j, count back 8 and 9 posts form your last, ....
[quote]So all machinations have been for naught(/quote]
Probably I used "machinations" as adirect import from Italian,even thought it exists in the webster dict I should have preferred the more commonly "plots", but basically with that I stopped attempting to comment on the technique changes (thus recognizin that it is a bit of a stretch to compare a GS and a SL turn, even thought sometime one wonder if relative speeds, turn shapes and courses, have moved "up" ;that is, today's GS turns and speed are closer to what an SG turn would have been 20 years ago (allow me this please, I know that SG is a relatively "young" invention) and today's SL are grossly comparable to yesteryears GSs...
I know it a biig stretch to talk like this.
Anyway, if we stopp commenting on techniques, and we are done with the "flexed" part of the pictures, then all that remain to while away the summer is the "helmet-no helmet" discussion
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Back to the helmet thing:

My recollection is that helmets were not required by USEASA in the mid 60's. I didn't even own one. As I mentioned earlier, Killy's trademark became a baseball cap turned backwards, in the GS, I think. In the early 70's though when I was skiing very little, stationed in USAF in Kansas,I recall helmets were required in GS and downhill at the USAF invitational races at Snowbasin. It didn't seem unusual then that they were required and I seem to recall race officials citing some recent (then) FIS regulation in support of that requirement. Of course this has little to do w/ World Cup racing but my recollection is that helmets had become commonplace in the GS by then. Of course millions of brain cells have likely died since so my recollections could be faulty!

Just whiling!
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