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ESA Valle Nevado, Chile is now OPEN

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Hi Gang,

You can now register for EpicSki Academy, Valle Nevado, Chile, September 13-20, 2008, by calling 603 968 2351. This is the number for Dan Egan's skiclinics.com, our partner. The nice folks there will get you all set up for the trip from soup to nuts.

All levels and abilities welcome on this trip the skiing is as hard or as easy as you choose and the lift system great.

If you have any questions about the resort, skiing or traveling to Chile just let me know!

--Dan Egan
Here's the rundown on prices:

The prices quoted are for 7 nights lodging, including breakfast and dinner at area restaurants, 6 days of skiing, 4 days of coaching, 3 days of video, lift tickets, one optional heli-ski day, booking fee, and round-trip transfers from Santiago Airport.

Camp Cost: $925
Booking Fee: $40
RT Transfer:$150
Lift ticket for La Parva and El Colorado: $40 for the week
Heli-ski Day:$875

Lodging (7 nights/person)

Puerta Del Sol
Single North $2387
Single South $2219
Double North $1365
Double South $1267
Triple Suite $1428

Tres Puntas
Single $1841
Double $1050
Triple $910
Quad $840
Six $735

C'mon to Chile while it's hot!
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Just to be perfectly clear on travel and ski days:

If you will be flying from the states, an overnight flight on the 11th you will arrive on the 12th and start skiing on the 13th. The last day of skiing is the morning of the 19th and departure is the afternoon of the 19th, flying overnight and returning home on the 20th.

Check in: 12th
Check out: 19th
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Great Snow in Chile

Snow Report from Chile is GREAT! They are off to a great start with lots of snow, that means for us traveling in Sept we could have some nice "corn snow".

Lets rally and make the first Epic Summer Adventure a great one!

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Don't miss this trip!  Nothing beats walking through the airport with your boots in late summer!  Follow me on twitter at skiclinics.

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MMMM,, must think about this, sounds so good. Had a great ski dream last night, turned the TV this AM and WM's "IMPACT" was on, its a sign....

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Ok so winter is HERE well its in South America!  Don't miss the opportunity to walk away from the summer heat into the deep snow of Chile!  Our Aug Trip is filling up.  Call with any questions!



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Just clarifying Dan, not sure I can make it anyway, recovering from rotator cuff/b-tendon repairsurgery, but the free kid going along with parent plan is not on the cards for the Valle Nevado trip, yes? Thanks


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Also, just a general question, how many folks go for this trip and what would you say, given history is the proportion of raw beginners, beginner-intermediates and experts? And is it generally, all folks like me 45+ or is the age range all the way from kids to the higher ages. Just trying to get a feel for what the camp is like.

thanks again


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Dan, do you guys hire a private for transfers or do you roll the dice on the shuttle van and driver?? :)

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for our shuttle we hire a private company to take us up to the resort it works out well.

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great to hear from you.  The kids free trip is for Portillo in June.  That week has sold out.  For Aug Valle Nevado we still have space but kids are not free.  This year we have a solid range of skiers from strong intermediate to advance.  No young rock stars leapping off cliffs.  Age range seems to be 30-65.


Give me a call if you have any other questions.





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Dan, I left you a message yesterday. Pm me if you didn't get.

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FWIW- Dan returned my call promptly and was very helpful and informative. I am strongly considering the trip. Any other bears considering?

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Thanks for the heads up Dan. Looked at June trip wistfully, but recovering from rotator cuff/bicep tendon repair surgery so had to miss it, my son would have enjoyed it thoroughly, and good preparation for him as he begins racing team initiation. Lets see how recovery goes, if in early July I get green light from Doc, then will call you and see if i can join the crew for the Valle Nevado trip.



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Any Bears going?  90% in for the August trip....

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I'm in heading down! Can't wait.

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Finn, I'm very tempted, but I'm afraid I wouldn't have a home to come back to if I did this.  Perhaps I can swing it with some extra preparation in the future.  

In the mean time, I can't wait to see your TR!  You better get lots of pics! 

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totally psyched, I really feel it will be a great opportunity to get the season off to a good start with Dan leading the way.

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Trip is only 45 days away!  When it comes to skiing in the winter there is only one way to look at it........

Lets go a few slots left on this trip what else are you going to do???????????????  Ride your bike?

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I must ride my bike, but heaven knows I'd rather be skiing powder with Dan Egan

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TC, why not ride down and we can all make some turns?
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 How many days until this trip now Finndog?

Tick tick tick.....
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too many!
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Don't fret on snow!  Every year the storm, it comes and when it rolls into town it is amazing!

Any more takers out there? Come on folks lets go skiing!

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 Finndog you better amp up your work out....
It looks like Dan's getting ready for you........
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lets just say I am on a pretty rigorous program....... Don't forget to add proper nutrition to that list to fuel the body properly. All that excercise is great but if you don't stoke the furnace, it can be wasted effort.Also, the body needs time to rest and repair. over training can be counter-productive 3-5 days in between workouts of specific mucle groups if you are training with intensity, This is a lesson I learned earlier this summer. I had to nearly double my food intake (for certain targets) However, I don't have the level of skills I want on the snow, and there's no substitute for tme on the skis and some good lessons from Dan. :)
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Yup, I feel it in my bones..... it's coming....

Originally Posted by Dan Egan View Post

Don't fret on snow!  Every year the storm, it comes and when it rolls into town it is amazing!

Any more takers out there? Come on folks lets go skiing!

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Let me assure you Dan is in shape.  He will push you.  Oh, and wait until you get the skiing one legged with your eyes closed drill.  Time for your A game.


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I have no doubts what so ever that Dan can kick my ass all day while drinking cappucino and texting....  And that's what I am counting on.

Ahh Zen skiing..... I will bring the A game, I can only do my best, but that's what the camp is all about. Bring the A game leave with a better A game. :)
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A little bit of Dan from ESA Stowe 2008 to whet your whistle.
If those in his group were served up this kind of treatment in early season conditions, just imagine what you're in store for!
*Check out the video in the second quote 
Originally Posted by taw View Post

In addition to all those great skiing techniques and exercises that Dan shared with us, he also is a great source of information on ski fashion, especially helmets, eyewear and ski apparel. I am going to be looking for those wrap around sunglasses for the future. 

Thanks to all for a great time! Fun to ski and chat with all of you. I'm still thinking about it.


Originally Posted by liv4ski View Post

I very much enjoyed skiing with Dan Egan and my fellow bunny hoppers this weekend. It was a pleasure skiing with and getting to know them. 

We spent much of our time learning new skills to improve our bump skiing. Dan's instruction focussed on psychology, technique and tactics.


While Dan told us a great deal, the three things I took away from the weekend and will think about when skiing this season are: 

1. Edge pressure. Dan taught us the importance of applying forward pressure to the edges of the ski tips to guide the skis through the bumps. We practiced lifting the tails of our two skis off the ground to drive the edges of our ski tips into the backside of moguls where the good snow lies. It must have been funny watching us all bunny hopping down the slope!; 

2. Stance. Dan taught us to stand tall on our skis, keep our shoulders square to the fall line and use leg extension and retraction to absorb
the bumps;

3. Tactics. We learned how to ski the run in sections, focus our eyes on the good snow, not the rocks and trees, and select the best line through the bumps. 

We practiced these skills and techniques on National, Liftline, and Goat. 


Just watching Dan ski Goat was worth the price of the ESA. 


On Saturday evening, we reviewed videos of our skiing. I picked up a lot of great tips watching the coaches disect our skiing in slow motion, reverse motion and freeze frame. (Dan even had some fashion tips for me. I think I will keep the suit, however.

I had a great time at the banquet Saturday night. The food, company and presentations were excellent. 

Thank you ESA for organizing the clinic at Stowe. I look forward to attending future clinics. 

It was cold on Saturday but the views were fantastic.

Sunrise on Sunday

A Kodak moment!

It was hard coming home after such a great weekend, especially seeing this in my front yard.
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