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WC Race Suits

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I have three World Cup, National team suits for sale. I'll attach pictures and a description of each. I can email more pictures if interested, and provide detail {such as where they came from}.

2002-4 USST 2-piece SL suit. BRAND NEW. UNUSED. This is the A team suit, introduced at the 2002 SLC olympics, and used through the spring of 2004. This isn't the olympic suit, as it has all of the sponsor logos. These suits were made in Switzerland for Spyder, using a fabric branded Comfortable. It's a very, very light fleece coating on the lining. Incredibly comfortable. XL bottoms, XXL top. The tops fit tight, it sizes like a Sypder XL. All of the team suits were sized up a size on the top. I bought this from the athlete to whom it was issued. My son is 5'11, 185. Will fit either side of that. Great suit, obviously perfect. $300, shipped to the lower 48.

Attachment 3374

2003-4 Slovenian Team tech suit, made by Mizuno. Has all sponsor logos. Light padding. Could really be used for four events, particularly by a Master. Size XL, but has a lot of stretch. My son used this when he was about 5'8 and 165 lbs, and a friend who's about 6'1' and 210 lbs borrowed it this spring. It's a really neat, beautiful soft fabric. The suit is in very, very good shape. It has some light pilling on the hips, and it has one small "burn" hole on a forearm pad. They typical small boot-top tears have all been repaired and sewn. We bought this at the SLC WC opener in 2003, from a competitor. My son wore it to race GS and SL that year, and part of the next. Not worn since. If you can deal with the color, this is an awesome suit! $185 including shipping to the lower 48.

Attachment 3375

2002 Canadian Olympic suit, by Descente. Small. Worn twice, then outgrown. This fits true to size, about a size larger than a Spyder. This is a really unusual, and really neat suit. It's a training suit. It's not padded, and it's not FIS approved. Instead it's lightly fleece lined. It's warm. It's also a bit of a "cheater" suit, as it's faster than a FIS plumed suit. The fabric has a wavy texture through it. Really beautiful. It has big "CANADA" signage, and big DESCENTE logos, but no sponsor logos, as they're prohibited by the IOC. Canada that year put the home towns of all of their athletes in tiny print on the front and back of the suit. Typical orange and dark red colors of the CAST. like the other two, this type of fabric, etc. was only available to national teams. The Swiss also had these rare training suits. It was worn one day for SL training, and has some abrasions behind the knees from shin pad straps. It also has a name written in Sharpie on the inside, otherwise it's perfect. I got it from a CAST coach.
$200, including shipping to the lower 48.

Attachment 3376

I can send more pics. I paid more than twice the asking price for each of these suits. We have more than enough suits. Thanks for the interest.
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Pm sent
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PM replied to. Thanks.
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Sale Pending on the Canadian Suit. Thanks!

BTW, in the picture of the USST suit, the bottoms are hanging about 6" lower that they would when wearing the suit. The top would cover all of the stars, and the only part of the bottom visible would be the webs. Hope that makes sense. Somebody must want it, to use the bottoms only for summer training!
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Canadian suit is gone.
USST suit is SOLD.

Still a great Slovenian suit available for somebody bold enough to wear the "green slime". Seriously this is a very cool suit. Beautiful Mizuno quality, and in very, very good shape. The only "flaws" are a burn on one forearm, cuts at the boot top which have been repaired, the fact that the FIS plume tag has been lost. The tiny holes from the four feet of the tag are visible. There's some very light pilling on the thighs.

This suit will fit a wide rage of sizes, and with the fairly light padding, could be skied in all events.

We've all seen suits advertised as being in great shape when they have been absolutely trashed: blown out, ripped, bad zippers....the works. This IS NOT one of them!

PM me if you would like more pics. Glad to provide them.

Any interest at $150, including shipping to the lower 48?

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ALL suits have been sold!
Thanks Epic Ski!!!
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i would like that xl suit if it has not gone

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Ahh......the post right above yours, now two years old, says that that all of the suits were sold. Sorry.

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Originally Posted by Muleski View Post

Canadian suit is gone.
USST suit is SOLD.

Still a great Slovenian suit available for somebody bold enough to wear the "green slime".


Those Sovenians and their neighbors just can't get enough of that neon. Check out Janez Bracovich's sunglasses in the Tour de France.  What is it, genetic or something?

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Hey Newf,


That's the truth! The neon never dies with them. When the young son was on Elan, we had it all over the place......In fact, we still do. Never goes out of style!!


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