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handicap racing

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I enjoy competition. I don't ski fast (relative to a teenager) but I think racing would improve my skills. Golf has USGA handicaps and tennis has leagues ranked by USTA. I recall runnig gates against a clock (NASTAR?) years ago but I have not seen a course setup to run against the clock in seveal years. I read about "beer leagues" here on EPIC but there are no details. Where to I go to learn about handicapped ski racing?
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Where do you ski?
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I live in the southeast and maybe get to ski 20 days a year at 3 or 4 different places. I've seen a race course set up at various resorts but I don't know what was requried to enter the races and if there was any handicapping system. Obviously I couldn't compete unless there was a handicap. If it were USTA I'd be a 3.0, if it were USGA I'd be about an 18.
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NASTAR does have a handicap system. I guess beer leagues aren't going to work for you unless you live near a mountain in NC or WV or something. If you do, it probably uses a different handicap system. My league has everyone from Olympians to 80 year old grannies, and the handicap system makes it so that on any given day, any team could take home the hardware.
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Ski club option for racing

What city do you live in and what are the names/locations of the places that you ski?

You may wish to consider joining a ski club that has a race team.

The National Ski Council Federation (NSCF) has a Councils page which lists snowsports councils/clubs across the U.S. These councils often have race leagues which are sometimes informally referred to as beer leagues which race at local hills plus often on ski trips around North America. Towns/cities that are close to resorts may have race leagues as well.

There is a Crescent Ski Council which covers Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

I believe that Crescent's race league is also a NASTAR league program so you will also get a NASTAR handicap when you race in that league. Crescent also races at the Keystone Nationals.

Keystone Nationals and is an annual race with club members from across the nation in December at Keystone.

Finally, you may be able to drop in and guest race with other councils' race leagues for small additional daily fee and it helps to already be a member of any ski club to get this courtesy extended to you on a space available basis. Go to the NSCF website and find the councils near where you will be traveling to see if they have race leagues & email/phone the race league chair to find out what the guest racer/drop in policies are.

Let us know how your search turns out.

Racing is a lot of fun and a great way to improve your skill level.
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