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Happy Birthday Atomicman

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Any chance you'll get aHead for your birthday?
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Best wishes to you A-man, the EpicSki tuning guru and font of great knowledge!
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Happy Birthday Atomicman.
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Happy birthday dude!! hopefully your at alpental shredin it up.
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Happy Birthday C. How's them slushy bumps ?
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Happy birthday man. Be careful of those wet slides up there.
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The A-man is really quite nice;
So generous with his advice.
But his puns reprehensible
Are quite indefensible;
Hey, everyone's got some small vice!

Best wishes and happy birthday!
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From one ex PNW musician turned skier to another. Happy Birthday!
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Hey! You clearly need some fat skis.
You have tons of overlap in the competition ski genre.
Fat skis carve in all conditions better than your skis.
Everyone knows that only a poser skis off piste on less than 100 mm.
Be sure to dump those Markers while you're at it.

Oh, and have a fun birthday. :
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Happy happy!
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Happy birthday, tear it up.
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