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FS: Rossi Race Stock RL12 Boots, 293

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These are the newest Rossi race stock boot, which was provided to sponsored athletes this past winter. Wasn't available for sale.

Size 25, bootsole length 293, ZB/ZB flex.

This is the boot built on a similar last to the Doberman, and Atomic. Narrower last, less volume. Lace-up liner. Very noticeable difference in the heel of the boot on the outside. Most have loved this boot.

My daughter skied in these for about 20 days, then went back to the RL11 {older style boot}, in a smaller shell size. She wanted one boot for all 4 events, and had a hard time getting used to this one. Probably sized too big by Rossi, as well.

The boots have had almost no grinding done to them. 6th toe on both boots to a tiny degree. Nothing in the heel, nothing in the toe box. The boot hasn't been "blown out" in the fitting process. The have minimal scratches on the shells. Liners are in great shape. Booster straps were never used. She had really been squeezed into the smaller RL11, so they sized her up, and they needed almost no work.

The soles have been planed with a 1.5 degree cant. The have 3mm lifters{in the older Rossi gold color, not the orange boot color, Rossi had no orange ones in October} The lifters can be removed, the soles planed flat by any good bootfitter, and lifters reinstalled. You could also go to a 5mm lift. A lot of skiers like this boot with some canting, though. You might want to ski them first as is.

I can email pictures if you are interested. PM me. They are in great shape.

$250, including shipping to the lower 48. $225 with pickup in Massachusetts.
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Figured out how to resize some pictures. The flash is a bit brutal. Gives you an idea of what they are. Hope it helps.

Attachment 3370

Attachment 3371

Attachment 3373
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from those pics that is the 2006 [model not year] the toebox shape on the RL12 is different
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Not sure about that. Could be. I've been under the impression that it's an RL12. This was the boot provided to the Rossi sponsored athletes in the fall of 2007, here in the U.S. The only people who skied it for the 2006-7 season, to my knowledge were USST team athletes, and perhaps a handful of skiers on the cusp. I first saw a pair, with the entirely different heel shape, on a couple of USST men in January 2007 at the Sunday River NorAms. The boot wasn't available to my daughter until October, 2007. Perhaps her size wasn't available in the summer. I can only speak to the U.S. race program. Top sponsored athletes got this boot, those who pay got the RL11{I know that for sure, in terms of the model number}. My daughter got both {RL11 intitially for speed only}, then the decision was that she skied better in a downsized RL11 for tech events, than with this boot. There was no other version of the boot available that I know of. Don't mean to be misrepresenting anything. I'll see what I can find out. Thanks.
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the RL 12 came with the "round toe" for a while/first product run...Lange and Rossi...the Langes now have the "shark nose"
the Rossis?
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I will second that those are 07/08 boots given to sponsored athletes.
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i didn't say they weren't the boots for the athletes But the fact remains that the RL12 is a 92mm last where as the 2006 is a 95mm last, the cuff AFAIK is the same but the clog is different

from what i hear from my contact at Lange/rossi in europe a lot of the athletes are using the RL11 still for speed eventsas the new RL12 is too responsive

doesn't mean either is a bad boot
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Well, we know that it's not a RL11.
We know that it was "the new boot" according to Rossi Race, and that it was fitted to my daughter in October. They didn't have a pair in her size for the summer. She's a sponsored athlete, and she got this boot. The other girls on Rossi at her academy did not.
We do know that she went back to the RL11 for all events.
I have been under the impression that it's a RL12. That's what the Rossi reps and techs called it. Perhaps it's not. Perhaps it is a 2006?
I do know that it's a ZB/ZB flex.
Or, perhaps the mold for the latest version of the R12 has changed, now that more will be produced? The toe on this boot is really rounded. I've only seen this boot on the Rossi athletes. Never have seen one in a Rossi "race center."

I hope that it's clear that I'm not trying to misprepesent anything!

It's a hell of a race boot in great shape. I do know that much.

I also think that when I post some of her skis for sale, we'll all agree on the model numbers for the skis and bindings!

By the way, I've been advised by two good boot tuners that the cost to plane the bottoms flat, plane the lugs flat, etc. would run about $50-$75 in their estimation. Both had suggested skiing the boot as is first. The boots are marked with a 2 degree cant, but it measures out to about 1+ degree. I just had one of them look at the boot. My daughter is very slightly knock knee'd. As mentioned they have had NO grinding to speak of inside. I had thought a bit on the 6th toe, but it doesn't feel that way. I don't think they've been touched, and whatever model it is, there is a ton to work with in terms of fitting and grinding. Much more so than in previous generations.

At any rate, whatever they are, the price has just been reduced: $200, with shipping to the lower 48.

Any intererest? If anybody would like more pics, let me know. Thanks!!
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I'm new here, and based in the UK, but I will be in Boston, MA next week. Are you close enough to meet up? Or could we arrange shipping to my Boston office?

Many Thanks,

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Sending you a PM.

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Boots have been sold. Thank you Epic Ski. Thanks Bears!
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