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What Olympic Scandal?!?

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Judge Drops Charges in Olympic CaseBy RICH VOSEPKA, Associated Press Writer

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) - Calling the case defective, a federal judge dismissed all remaining charges Thursday in the 2-year-old bribery scandal that tainted Salt Lake City's upcoming Winter Olympics.

U.S. District Judge David Sam tossed out 10 fraud counts and a conspiracy charge that federal prosecutors had filed against Salt Lake City bid leaders Tom Welch and Dave Johnson.

The two were charged in July 2000 with using $1 million to sway International Olympic Committee (news - web sites) officials to favor Salt Lake City's bid for the 2002 Winter Games. The alleged enticements included college scholarships for IOC members' relatives, guns, medical care, travel and other perks.

The judge had dismissed four bribery counts in July and prosecutors elected to pursue the remaining charges.

But Sam said that without the bribery charges, the rest of the case falls apart. Prosecutors had argued the indictment could be salvaged simply by changing a few words, but the judge said that would change the substance of the entire indictment.

The federal bribery counts were based entirely on a state bribery misdemeanor. In the July ruling, Sam said Utah's commercial bribery law doesn't apply to foreign groups like the IOC.

The government still tried to assert that bid Welch and Johnson deprived their board of money, property, honest services and its right to control the winning bid for February's Winter Games.

``The remaining conspiracy, wire and mail-fraud charges are based on the presumption that defendants bribed IOC members unlawfully,'' Sam wrote.

Although the ruling appears to indicate there was nothing illegal about Salt Lake City's Olympic bid, an internal IOC probe led to the purge of 10 IOC members.

Johnson's attorney said the ruling lifts a burden from his client's shoulders.

``Even though the government appears to intend an appeal, it's good to have the federal court agree with us on the lack of criminality in his conduct,'' Max Wheeler said. ``We're confident we'll be able to uphold the court's order'' on appeal.

Prosecutors did not immediately return messages seeking comment
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Grrrrrrrrrrrrr - Don't get me started.
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This is one of those tough issues. The Olympic Committee was (and probably still is) tainted. It required bribes to get your city selected. So, do we punish the Salt Lake City people that played by the Olympic Committee's rules while the Olympic Committee gets off scott free? Personally, I think they should have indicted the former head of the IOC and a bunch of his corrupt cronies.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Sugar Snack:
Grrrrrrrrrrrrr - Don't get me started.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

now I am curious. Snack, do you feel these 2 men should be prosecuted for heading a comittee that encouraged IOC members the same way other cities have always done?

Do you ever take prospective clients out to expensive meals or sporting events?
I know I wine & dine loads of people who may make a small economic impact on my hotel & this is the biggest ecomnomic impact any city of our size could feel.
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Matt: Please don't assume that we don't know the difference between a meal and a bribe. That kind of thinking is that same type that let Billy Clinton "pardon" Mark Rich and even a few assorted drug kingpins.

I todays climate of "plausible deniability" and anything goes....... so long as I don't get caught.......... The intresting thing that as a government guy, I can't even (and don't) take a cup of coffee. But, if I was a senator....... the sky is the limit.

It's sad that Salt Lake City has lost it's sense of morality with the flash of silver.
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I still firmly believ that the Utah Gov,and others in the state goverment still knows what happened. But they won't say. Hmm do the feel guilty?

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Well Matt my "Grrrrrrrrrrr" has less to due with the current situation and more to do with cumulative events that have caused me to develop a bit of an attitude when it comes to the Deseret state.

With regard to Olympicgate I'd have to say "Yes," I believe they are culpable, how much so I can't really say. However there does seem to be quite a few ppl looking the other way.....
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curious aside from the manner of scale?

funny, 4 once John Galt may support me.

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Sugar Snack, you stated "cumulative events that have caused me to develop a bit of an attitude when it comes to the Deseret state". Just be glad that you are in the Pacific Northwest. I have to live here in Utah, and even worse I have to work in Provo. The most conservative(backward)place in the Union. If it wasn't for ALTA, I would have moved years ago. Oh, I better be careful what I say. If other Utahans here me saying this, they will tell me "If you don't like it move". Their answer to everything.

The people may be a bit of a pain, but the powder is heavenly. [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
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people here are painted with A wide brush. I am sure that yor experience in Riverton is much differet than mine in Sugar house, or Matt's downtown, or 49's in Park City.

as far as the scandal goes, it is quite simple. we had a better bid for the 98 games, played fair & lost to Japan.
We learned from that loss, changed our tactics to mirror those of our competitors & won.
Our ovenor is a lying sack of __ for denying he knew anything about it & hanging it on these 2 guys. :
any way, hope it snows soon.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by ALTApig:
If it wasn't for ALTA, I would have moved years ago.

The people may be a bit of a pain, but the powder is heavenly. [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]

Right you are re: skiing. That's why I don't get too worked up about what goes on behind politicians doors. Heck I try to do that for the whole US in particular the Federal is just too short to get worked up over things that our outside of my control.
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I am sure that the Govenor and others knew what was going on.I am also sure that,if this trial was held in a Fed Court outside of Utah the charges would not have been dismissed.A trial would have brought out who knew what and when.It would have been embrassing,and lead to possible criminal charges to most of Utah's top politicians.The Good Old Boy's network is alive and well here in Utah.By the way I think the IOC is a worse bunch of crocks.
When you get tired of living in Utah, come to Park City or otherwise known as Sin City Utah style. Alta is only 45 mins away.
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I say "punish" the evil citizens of the beehive state. Move the Olympics somewhere else.

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No, no, Rev P. Punish the evil "beehivers" and KEEP the Olympics in Utahhh!!

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I remember installing a high-end commercial video system in a sports bar that was being built in Chicago in, I believe, 1996.

The owners of the bar had been told that a $50,000 bribe to the right people would smooth the way.

They refused to listen and the assorted inspectors made life difficult for them, to the point where a $300,000 buildout ended up costing about a half-million.

Was it right?
Of course not. But the owner was building in Chicago, not Fantasyland.
I certainly wouldn't have blamed the owners for playing a game they didn't invent or write the rules for.

Hell, when I drop off my skis for their pre-season work-up I make sure to also drop off a case of beer. Magic Hat usually works nicely in this area.

It's be nice if we lived in a perfect world where "greasing the palm" wasn't such a common and neccesary thing, but we don't.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by yuki:
It's sad that Salt Lake City has lost it's sense of morality with the flash of silver.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Awww, c'mon Yuki... the LDS church always has been in love with silver... 10% of one's income, temples built with virgin marble and gold statues...

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Bill Emmett:
No, no, Rev P. Punish the evil "beehivers" and KEEP the Olympics in Utahhh!!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
LOL! "punish" was in quotes for a reason my friend. I live in Utah. I would love to be "punished" by having them moved.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Reverend Poppy:

LOL! "punish" was in quotes for a reason my friend. I live in Utah. I would love to be "punished" by having them moved.

I too live in Utah, but I'm out of harm's way up here in non-Olympic Cache Valley. Ready or not, they're a comin', so I guess I'll join the throngs at the Men's Downhill and the 120 meter ski jump.

If things get too scary, I can be at the Idaho border in 15 minutes, Jackson Hole in 3 hours.
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Well, maybe I'm the only one, but I'm excited as h**l about the Oly's.

I just finished my last volunteer training session and I'm scheduled to be a course crew worker for the men's/women's Downhill/Super G at Snowbasin.

I no longer care about scandals, bribery, fat-cat IOC-ers, slippery SLOC-ers, run-and-hide local politicians, I-15 construction, higher gas taxes for the rest of my life, gun-totin' Utahns protesting not being able to carry their weapons into the Figure Skating finals, impossible traffic, goofball liquor laws, or ANY of that stuff.

I can't wait to watch the world's best skiers (snide reference to the Freeskiers vs. Racers thread) rocket down John Paul. I'll be there, cowbell and snow shovel in hand, cheering every one of them.


If it ever snows :
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Who cares? The SLC Olympic bribes surely are very small compared to what they see from the rest of the world. And if it wasn't for how ridiculously moral everybody tries to be here (looking over each others shoulder), nobody else would have ever heard of the "scandal". I am glad to I live here during the Olympics.

AltaPig, I agree with you totally. If it weren't for Alta (and Snowbird to some extent, ok Moab is also cool), I'd be gone. I guess a few of us who work in Provo feel the same. I'll buy you a beer on opening day, when if gets here.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Bob.Peters:
Well, maybe I'm the only one, but I'm excited as h**l about the Oly's.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
Ya know, the only problem I have with the Olympics is that the public didn't get a say in whether or not to bid on them. In a roundabout way we did, I guess. We elected the officials who decided to to it. But it's such a huge issue for our state, that it would have been nice to see it added as a ballot initiative.
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I'm just as excited as you are about the games. I get to be involved with them as well. Not to mentioned i have tickets for the Mens Moguals Qualifacations/ Medal round.
Sure is funny every one made a big stink about slc 'bribing', but yet every other host city has too. SLC just got caught with thier pants around thier ankles.
Let the games begin.
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