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Well done, Warren (& Co.)

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Just caught the new Warren Miller movie Cold Fusion at a London cinema today.
Hadn't seen one for a few years, and the progress in editing and photography was remarkable.
The section on skiing in Iran, with some very poignant and respectful commentary on Islamic culture, was very interesting!
The base jumping sequence, which looked very Alpine, was breathtaking. Anyone know which mountains were involved?
Also, some impressive footage of new terrain in Telluride, presumably opened by new uplift. Can anybody describe this?
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I saw cold fusion- my first warren miller movie and loved it. I then bought Ride- and didn't like it much. Cold fusion was more extreme I guess..anyone else find cold fusion to be more like a TGR production than normal?
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My friend had the opportunity last week to bring the DVD home from a showing at work. We had a great time watching it. I thought there were quite a few amusing parts - they've definitely been taking lessons from Matchstick Productions and TGR. Good ski porn.
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A portion of the footage wasn't even shot by WM. Most of the new school jib stuff was courtesy of Poor Boyz Productions hence the slightly different feel.
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Where did you see it David? I'd like to watch it later in the week if it's still showing.

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by dabickley:
Where did you see it David? I'd like to watch it later in the week if it's still showing.


It's switching venue every night. Last night was Hammersmith.
I note there's a showing at Croydon on 17 Dec, or Thurrock Lakeside, on the m25, 19 Dec, so maybe you could combine it with some Christmas shopping!
The film company that promotes it in the UK is called Black Diamond and they can sell you tickets on 020 7240 4071.
Good luck!
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Many thanks David. I'll give them a bell now.
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My friend Matt, who drives the night shuttle at Copper and works at Polar Revolution during the day, was a featured rider in Cold Fusion. Matt is a very happy guy.

One day last season there was a ramp set up in Copper's Alpine parking for the purpose of WM's filming. Snowmobiles hauled the riders up to the ramp by toe rope much like a water skiing jumper gets hauled to their jump ramp.

I haven't seen the flick. Do you recall that segment? I think the parking lot and the snowmobiles aren't seen in the footage. But, Copper's east side slopes are visible. I think there's also a segment of one of Copper's factory team telemark riders, Ben somebody. He's a troller at Copper when he's not inverted.
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Did you know that Warren Miller gave the production and directorial ownership of Warren miller films to his son several years ago? I think Warren still does the narration. I haven't seen one of his flicks in a many years.

So, your kudos go mainly to his son.
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Unless I'm mistaken (and my memory is only reliable within a few hours) the Copper car park (or at least the bus turning area) features very prominently, with a ski bus performing skid turns I'd be proud to achieve on a pair of ballet skis.
I was aware that the Master had handed over the reigns to his son, and he's doing well!
Yes, the old man's dry wit still features - to most familiar effect on the 'chairlift apocalpyse' sequence.
The only disappointment was Glen Plake, who now has a middle-aged hairstyle (but still skis like a god).
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by David Goldsmith:
The only disappointment was Glen Plake, who now has a middle-aged hairstyle (but still skis like a god).<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Actually Plake was at the Seattle showings and he still has the trademark Mohawk. He's very funny, too. I think this is the first time he's been in a Miller film. I think he worked for Stump previously.

I think the BASE jump was done off the Jungfrau if I remember correctly.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by SkiKing:

he still has the trademark Mohawk.

Now I'm really confused.
Is it a WIG?
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I can't remember how he looked in the movie. Was he wearing a helmet? If so, his hair is probably long enough that it might look 'normal' under the helmet. The mohawk certainly didn't look like a wig when I saw him!
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