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Dynastar Exclusive 10 Womens Skis

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What would be good binding options for 150 cm skis for a 147 pound advanced intermediate? Would one dare install Marker M31 bindings on these?. Thanks.
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I would stick with a current generation binding, the M31 is about 10 years old now.

A Look PX12 should do it.

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Dynastar Exclusive 10 Womens Skis

Thanks very much, Michael!
I tried to check out your suggestion on Looks website (Dynastar). Pardon me for unloading. They show numerous bindings, one named Look Nx10, one named Nx10 Lifter, one named Nova Exclusive, etc. Nothing I could find tells you brake widths, what FDC Nova means, what AFC means, what is Nx technology, even if one checks on Specs. section. All are for women skiers of varying ability who want to enjoy skiing and stay safe. Duh! What utter baloney! Who does their marketing? I could go on for another 15 minutes. Ridiculous! Am I the only one who finds their site hopeless? BTW, there does not appear to be anyway to advise them directly of my feelings. They must be taking lessons from D. Cheney-So?

I now own the subject skis, 2007 model, my wife will not ski till next season, and I wish I had bought K2's. The Dynastars have a raised heel so I am guessing I do not want a Lifter type binding (as if I should have to guess). Waist is 67 so I don't need a wide brake. Might you suggest a few other Look, Dynastar, Salomon models I might check out? My skier is a intermediate advanced women 5' 7'', 147 pounds. I would like to find some closeouts if possible. Thanks for your help and please forgive my elevated blood pressure.
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Dynastar's website is there for one purpose, to assist their customers.

Guess what? YOU aren't their customer. The shop that you will eventually buy from is their customer. Them providing plenty of information so you can surf the net for the lowest price = bad customer relations. Understand? They want to show their product range and provide some confusion so you need to talk to a ski shop.

that being said, I'd go find a DIN to 11 Nova (same as NX) or Rossi Axium, that way you will not run into problems with screw location on the plate.
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If you own the 2007 model, they have a pre-drilled plate, right? If so, you will need to use Look (also branded Dynastar and Rossignol) bindings, because the plate is compatible with only that drill pattern. (I believe that it will also double your warranty.)

As far as which bindings to use, the Nova/NX/Axium series and PX/Axial2 series have different heels; the former is on the left and the latter on the right:

The PX heel is sold on the "performance" models; it is beefier and probably allows a little more elastic travel, on 12+ DIN models. The NX heel is typically sold in DINs up to 10 or 11, and all or most "women's" models use the NX heel.

Given her requirements, she'd probably be fine with either. And given the skier's specs, I'd be surprised if she sets her DIN higher than 7 or so. For reference, my wife is in the same range, and she has a pair of Novas on one pair of skis and NX11s on another.

As for lifters, if you already have a plate, they'd be duplicative. But if you get a better deal with lifters, IIRC, they're typically removable.

Nova and NX bindings are often available on eBay for less than $50.
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Sorry Whiteroom and Alpinedad. Hit the wrong button. A newbie in all its forms! What does IIRC stand for? Thanks to you both again. John
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If I Recall Correctly.

AcronymFinder can be a very useful thing.
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