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I remember seeing Buddy Hackett demonstrate these things on the Tonight Show.

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Originally Posted by Kneale Brownson View Post

Or getting untangled if you rolled while falling with the bindings releasing.

I skied an average of 80+ days a season with my Burt Comps over an 11 year period.  I did fall a few times each year.  My wife, also on Burts fell more often.  We skiied all over Snowbird and Alta from jumping a cornice into Peruvian Cirque to High Rustler and Sunspot.  Most of my falling was in deep powder and rolling isn't in the cards.  Most of the rest was steep and bumps and again who rolls?  The skis snapped back into place usually well before I hit the ground.  With the Burts if I did something that caused a release what would have been a fall with any other binding would be a recovery with the Burts.  I only completed 1 fall in about 5 potentials because it was back on my boot fast enough to prevent the fall.  Neither of us ever "tangled" the Burts in the way you suggest and never heard of it.  The cables were not that long either.  Besides, I rarely fell.  I often went weeks between falls.  Did you ever actually know of a tangle with Burts or Burt Comps?  I exclude the Burt IIs with no experience there.  Or did you somehow manage to tangle the Burts or is this merely an intellectual "what if".  For that matter I can't remeber a fall in which anything tangled except for skis on safety straps once when I was a begining parallel skier, and that included my polls and arms trussing me up like a turkey.  I suspect you never actually skied Burt Comps.



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I still have mine attached to a pair of Kastle newstyle champs. They had some weight but advantage. I was in a nastar race. Everyone kept hitting this spot on a turn and their ski would come off. Mine did too but I stood up quickly my ski slapped back on and I won a bronze medal, The fun part was hearing the people that were watching laughing because they had never seen them before. I thought they were great. The additional height they gave me above the ski helped in doing fast turns. They were different and innovative at least they tried to solve the pain in the ass of putting your ski back on especially on double diamond slopes where it can be a total pain. Mine were set just right and came off when they had to. I found them to be one of the safest bindings I ever used.

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I just saw this about Burt Bindings - I had 2 pair of comps and 5 of Burt 1's - switched to the comps because I gained 40 lbs.


They always worked great for me. I too had 5 or six pair of skis to which I would switch the comps to, but this was ultimately what caused me to give them up.


I had switched them to a different pair of ski's and was skiing down Twist at Sugarbush when the back cable came out of the plate....I fell and  permanently separated my shoulder.


This was my fault because when I re-mounted them I did not make sure the wheel that secured the back cable was rotated completely around to the proper holding spot.


After I recovered from this fall I switched to different bindings. These and extra parts may be found at Mountainside ski shop at Sugarbush.

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