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Wolf Skies

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Any body heard of/skied Wolf Skies: Cold Smoke. Small Co. located in Sun Valley. I demoed a pair maybe 8 years ago. They were shaped way before anyone in the mass market--apparently these guys were taking shapes right off the world cup back then. I was just thinking about them--now with Volant down--they're one of the last American co's.
Could be kind of a cool ski to own--you can buy off their web site.
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skis with a fairly radical side cut have been around since before metal edges. I was in an antique shop in Utah (park city) and they had some old wood skis with clip on bindings about 1 1/2 inches thick where the boot would go and maybe a 2cm? sidecut. Long but with definate shape.
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Yeah, I demo'd the smoke last year. I enjoyed it and the demo was hosted by the big cheeses themselves. A couple of buddies bought from wolf about 6 years ago and liked them.

One problem. I do believe that Wolf spec's out their skis and then subcontracts the manufacturing. I understand that they had been made at K2's Washington plant - which is now closed.

Call them and ask. They seemed like good folks with a competive ski and good pricing.


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I used to own a pair of Wolf Black Smoke 208 cm Super G's. This was about sis years ago when there was a Wolf ski shop in Mammoth, and everybody got them for going fast on windbuff days. They were yellow and had a low profile tip. I am pretty sure they were race stock seconds from the Blizzard factory. I had some really scary moments on those monsters. My old roomate had the 213 Super G, and broke his arm in 9 places after he lost it at about warp 5. More recently all the Wolf's I have seen were K2's. They have a red version of the AK Launcher that is really cool.
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If you want to see some shapes, check out www.hawleyskis.com
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