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Freedom Rock

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My Dad just sent this to me in an email:
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Thanks for sharing, nice timing with Memorial Day coming in a few days. Appears that the artist repaints the rock periodically according to 2005 comments in your link. I wonder if it's still around in 2008?
Lots of Memorial Day events planned in the DC area this weekend, the big one is Rolling Thunder, a massive motocycle parade with as many as 1/2 million participants riding to the Mall and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in the District, where they will pay their respects for the 21st consecutive year.
This famous print called Reflections by Lee Teter really gets me:
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One kid takes time and care and creates something that will bring a tear to your eye.

Here in NJ, the politicians take a little tin sign and "dedicate" some portion of an I-State as the "Dead Vets Memorial Highway".

PS ..... don't try to get a government job if you are a vet in NJ. :
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