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Bad news...and good news

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Heard this blurb on the radio this morning: Canadian meteorologists are expecting that this will be a warm, dry winter for western Canada this year; however a specialist with the Canada Park service said that the bears are hibernating early this year which, according to folklore means a long cold winter ahead. Had me going until they said the Park Service representative's name: Claude Miazoff (say it with a long i), a "noted" specialist in the behavior of bears.
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Heisted from Whistler's web site:

This is what the Old Farmer's Almanac 2002 is predicting for Whistler, which is located in the western part of Southern British Columbia.

Southern British Columbia Summary:
Expect above-normal snowfall everywhere except in the Southeast, with above-normal rainfall in the East and below-normal rainfall in the West.

November through March will average one to three degrees Celsius colder than normal, due to a cold January.
Expect the coldest temperatures just after mid month.
The stormiest periods will be in early December, January and mid-February.
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What do meteorologist know? My money would be on the bear.

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