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Anyone here instruct at Mammoth or June and going to be around this weekend. I'm looking for someone wanting to do an off-the-books private for one or more days over the Memorial Day Weekend at Mammoth. Its for a novice 10 year-old boy. I'd do it, but I'd like to have fun skiing, plus he'll whine if he knows his mom or I are within earshot, but he'll be great if its with an instructor.

Mammoth wants $85/hour for a private. I'm thinking more like $30-40/hr cash for 3-4 hours. Yes, I know it is against the rules for instructors to do this, but its the last weekend, they aren't offering group lessons (that's where we'd put him if we could), and if they revoke your season pass, I'll buy your ticket for all the remaining days of this season. :

PM me if you are interested, or know someone who would be. Thanks.