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Arm chair ski racing

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So far my kid's best is 1:31.73 while I'm either in the B-fencing, missing gates or splatting...........or barely finishing.
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Bump....in case this thread was misunderstood, this is a link to an online Ski Racing game called Ski Run that is fun and highly addictive. With two or more computers, you can race others head to head by starting at the same time. My son kicks my butt.....
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I'm seeing it as the summer season moves on - Posts on "Meet on the Hill" for "meetcha on ski-run" !
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After too many splats, I'm down to 1:34. Course I'd go faster if I wasn't skiing on those @#$%@ Atomics
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Nuthin but DNF's so far

I keep wiping out about 3 turns past the first big air to the left..., if I ever make it, I'll post my time. Great game...thanks.
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