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Replacement springs???

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Looking for a set of replacement springs for these Look Racing heels.
They are silver with a black stripe. As you can see in the picture one of the springs has broken in two places.
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What the heck do those non-replaceable skinny brakes still fit on? Are you one of them racer dudes?!
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no but he might be one of those rebellious brake bender dudes.
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Bending brakes is over rated. They either wing out or are too short after they get tweaked. That's if you don't crack/melt the housing while yanking/torching them.
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It "Looks" to me that these are the older brother of the FKS 155/180...

So are FKS 155 springs available through Rossignol???? Bet they would work just fine.....

Anyone got a source?
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