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Park City in early June

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I may have to go to SLC in early June. I was thinking of spending a few days in Park City. I noticed on the ski areas websites that it is before they start their summer schedules. I assume that it's a bit early for full on hiking and mt. biking , but wondered how limited it is. In other words, is there some decent hiking and biking at that time or is there still too much snow in mountains? Also, is there greenery on mountains or is it still pretty brown form winter? Thanks
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Maui Steve,

It is getting pretty nice right now. The trees are beginning to green up and the weather is warming up. the problem is the trails, at this point, are still pretty muddy higher up. I took my bike up yesterday and hit some pretty thick snow on north facing slopes.

There are other trails that are dried out. These trails may not be the prettiest but they are longish and you get amazing views of the mountains. Try the Glenwild Trail and the Round Valley trails.

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Thanks for info.
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Originally Posted by Maui Steve View Post
Thanks for info.
No problem. There is another trail on the backside of Prospector, the east side of Old Town, that is also dried out. The view overlooks Old Town so it is pretty cool, not a long trail though. I can't remember the name, dang it!

This is actually a really nice time of year to just cruise around, take the lower elevation trails, and have some great food in uncrowded restaurants.

You should enjoy yourself.
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You might want to try Sundance. They have some really fun bike trails with some great views. Since it's lower elevation, the trails for lift-served biking will probably be in decent shape.
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Go skiing at Snowbird or go ski touring.

On the mountain biking glenwild is good to go right now and is some of the best riding in Northern Utah.

Kinda of ironic people come skiing in December when it kinda of sucks and not in june whens its better coverage than december but cant wait for bike season which is actually prime in fall.
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I saw extended schedule for snowbird yesterday. I am now coming weekend of June 21. Crossing my fingers that Snowbird has skiing that weekend. I am now coming with my wife who is not much of a skier or mt. biker. so options are limited. However, she's given me the green light for a morning of sking if they're open.
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