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Something around 83mm?

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My instructor has suggested that I look for some wider skis - somewhere in the low 80's and without too much sidecut. Something around 83mm would fit neatly between my Line Darkside Carbons at 110-73-98 and my Kneissl Flexon Tankers at 126-93-115.

The intended use is mainly touring and off-piste in the Alps. I'd prefer a square tail so I can stand them in the snow and fit skins more easily. The top surface should be flat to take touring bindings and I'd like something that wasn't too heavy.

Any suggestions welcome - new or old as I'll probably seek out something on eBay unless I can fiind a bargain.
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look at a Fischer Watea 84 (it has a turned tail) or if you can wait, you may really like the Hart line for 09. I beleive there will be a low 80's ski with a flat tail. Phil can chime in.
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Unclear about your size, ability level, or other brands you've tried, but I'd say if you want a ski specifically for "touring and off-piste" that you should look at AT skis made for that purpose. There are some excellent AT skis made by each ski copmpany in the 79-87 range that are very light - which makes a serious difference if you're really going to do some mileage - and specifically designed for skins and AT bindings; here are a few that I've heard good things about:

Rossignol Powderbird (only one that's exactly 83mm, if that really matters)
Atomic RT 86
Black Diamond Havoc
Movement Freeheel
K2 Baker Superlight
Volkl T-Rock or T-Roll

We have a Backcountry/Tele Forum I'd suggest asking in. Good luck!
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Oh, and if the "mainly" means that you really will spend 40% of your time in-bounds, many of these - specially the Volkls, BD's, and Movements - will still hold up well, but you could also include some lighter alpine models with appropriate tails for skins, like Rossi B3/83's, or Salomon Furies.
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Me: I'm a fairly fit 50 years - still running, hiking, climbing and cycling - 1.83m (6'0") tall and weigh 75kg (165lbs). I've been skiing for nearly 20 years but sadly only 10-15 days a year - we don't get much snow in England! I've had plenty of lessons in that time and still do. Little on piste challenges me any more and, this year - with guidance and fresh snow, managed ticks of the Emile Allais and Tournier (Tremplin) couloirs at Courchevel. I'm starting on the BASI instructors' ladder this year.

Details of couloirs here (not mine):

My experience of skis is limited to the ones mentioned plus K2 Merlin IVs before those, Blizzard somethings before that and various unknown rentals long in the past. I like my Darksides - they're good for bumps and having fun on piste. The Merlins were good for going fast but, after establishing quite how fast with my GPS, that doesn't interest me any more. I find the Tankers a bit of a handful but, at 190cm, they are probably a bit long unless it's really deep powder.

I also have some Atomic Tourguide Superlights fitted with Dynafit TLT bindings which I used coupled with Dynafit TLT3 boots on our first two tours. They're incredibly light (1.656kg each inc binding) but have only a 66mm waist and skit about with the slightest bump. They're great uphill but it doesn't feel much like skiing going down!

Here is our guide's blog of our tour in the Vanoise this spring:
I knew the skiing would be more involved so, this time, I used my Darksides. Lots of snow made conditions difficult - particularly near the end when much of it had a crust that could bearly support our weight. Putting the skis in the roofbox, our guide noticed the waist of my skis and suggested something a little wider - low 80's - would have been better.

We usually have to fly whenever we go skiing so taking more than one pair of skis each is something of a luxury - although we have done it. Thinking about it, I suppose I want these new skis just for touring but, given that we'll be skiing more serious ground, they don't need to be the lightest available.
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Hart Attack for 09, 120/86/110 with a TR in the upper teens.
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G3 Baron, or if you can get it the G3 Ace (lighter version will go well with the Dynafit setup). 116/81/104. altis, my stats are similar and I'll be skiing on 184's (with Fritschi Freeride + bindings).
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