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Water and Snow skiing on the Same Day

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Spent the day on the lake getting in some our first waterskiing and wakeboarding of the year.

Had a great dinner (blackend tuna steaks on the grill)

We then went to the local resort for a little full moon hike and ski.
My wife was tired so she stayed at the bottom but my daughter and I made the hike.

Skis at home waiting to be loaded. It's 90 degrees

Changing into ski gear

And the hike up.
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Our skis at the top ready to go.

We sat on the lift at the top and talked for 45 minutes.

Then skied down
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One last pic on the way down.
It was a great day spent together as a family.
It reminded me of one of the reasons
I love to ski so much.
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Nice report! Do you ski/ride on Beaver Lake? How's the water? Looks like a nice lake, but maybe a little big to be a really good ski lake.

I just dropped my Nautique in this weekend and took a couple of runs.
Water was 58 and the air was 70. But it was really windy, so finding flat water was a little bit of a challenge.
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Looks like a great day, and night. I'm assuming the wakeboarding was at Newton, Hyrum, Mantua, or Willard Bay.
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Shred, your probably thinking of Bear Lake. It's great. Not the best for skiing as it can get quite rough. If you want to ski its best early in the morning or right when the sun is going down. We like to camp when we go so we can get both. Its fun anytime on a tube though. The beaches are great. The water is clean, although somewhat cold early in the year. Enjoy your summer on the boat. My daughter likes to say "water's cool but snow's cooler" I guess she still likes snow skiing the best.

Bill we were at Newton. The parking lot was packed with boat trailers but not too many on the water. It seems like everyone was just hanging out parked somwhere enjoying the warms temps but not brave enough to jump into the ice water.
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Water and snow skiing on the same day...at the same time...

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1969 or 1970, skied at Alpental on May 17th and came back and waterskiied on Lake Washington that afternoon!
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Nice. I've skiied and surfed on consecutive days, which I though was pretty cool. Now looking for a sloping lake......
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Snoqualmie Falls?:
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Originally Posted by UTpowder View Post
Shred, your probably thinking of Bear Lake.
Yep, that's what I was thinking of. I am with your daughter, I like snow sports a little more, but watersports are close behind. I am always looking for the perfect place that you can do both.

How is Pineview?

I've skied at Mt. Hood and then windsurfed the gorge in the same day. But never waterskied the same day.
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Last spring I skied in the morning (12,000 - 8,000ft.), went rafting mid day (8,000 - 5,500 ft.), then rock climbing in the desert that evening (below 5,000 ft.). It takes some planning, but pulling off a "multi-glisse" sport day isn't that hard to do here in the southwest!
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Does this count for my son Adam on 1/26/2008?

Fresh tracks ~10AM at Mt. Baldy:

6 hours later at Del Mar, ready to go surfing:
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