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Replacement for XT-17

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Hi guys,

I want to replace my Xt-17s. I like everything about the boot. I love the ramp angle and forward lean. The fore-aft position is great and i can unweight my skis effortlessly. I want a boot which is very close to the XT in ramp and forward lean. That is the single most important thing. I know that both the ramp and lean can be modified but i want to get a boot which is closer/closest in ramp/lean to the XT. Then i will think about the fit. I am not looking at consumer race boots only...i am interested in all-mountain boots too. I have access to Atomic (so i can get the CS or Ti), Tecnica (Diablo Race Pro or Magnesium or Dragon), current Rossi/Lange consumer plugs or next year's Sensor 3 boots and others which are harder to get but that is not a problem if they are closer to my needs.

So, which boots would you recommend?

Thank you.
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why not just another pair of Xt17's
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It is not easy to find a new pair of XTs these days. There are so many models available. Can someone tell me how the Head Raptor RD/RS, Lange Comp Pro, Rossi Sensor compare to the XT in ramp and FL?

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