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A-Basin 5/17: Sunshine & Free Beer

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Another great day at the Basin. The sun was out, the temps were warm enough to ski in shorts (if you were so inclined) or at least shirt sleeves, the beach was rockin' and Dillon Dam Brewery was giving out free beer. Couldn't ask for much more.

Despite the warm temps, the mountain was a bit crunchy in the morning. Things started to soften around 10 am--though for some reason the alleys were still firm at 1:00pm when I left.

Not sure, but today might have been it for the North Pole. It likely won't freeze tonight & with another day of very warm temps in the forecast, it may be done for the season. Patrol was talking about shutting it down at 2:00 pm today. I skied Narrow North Pole around 11:00 and it wasn't super. A few pockets of soft snow, but mostly death cookies.

Slalom slope was super soft, as was North Glade. Pali Main wasn't bad. West Alley not so much. International softened up nicely & probably had the best bumps on the mountain. Exhibition softened up pretty nicely, but the middle section is still full nasty, off-camber bumps. Cornice & West Wall were soft and the crud was a bit deeper there...

Pali closes tomorrow, and it looks like we're in for another classic day of spring skiing. Not sure if the free beer will continue, but I'm sure the skiing will continue to be good.

It may be mid May, but the season is still going strong at the top of the Rockies!
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Geoff, you're killing me. I'm on a two week no ski break. Can't get back up 'till June. Save some for then.

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Yeah, I hear you. I've got to go to Boston the week after next. At least I'll have one more week when I get back!
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I'll be skiing again starting 6/1.
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Last Sunday, May 25, was still great at the Basin.

Pali was closed, as was Montezuma. But, Lewanee and Norway still offered nice late-May skiing.

Half-Moon Glades still has decent snow-cover and good pitch. Bare patches were rare.

Weather changed with each chair-ride (snow, cloud, sun, hail, rain - you name it).

The snow had a smeary, easy consistancy up top, with more slush on the lower lift - Exhibition. I wouldn't have guessed May-June skiing could be as pleasant.

We'll do the next 2 weekends, then close-down the season on June 8th.

This, it's time to cope with 4 life-altering months of summer, before next season - hopefully, in mid-October.
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