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Has anyone come across these braces before http://skiallday.co.uk . My first impression was to laugh, but so was my second one! But hey, maybe there is some benefit to them? How about some other opinions.
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Looks like a possibly easier to deal with version of the cads system. cads.com which my gf has used and I've seen in use quite a bit in vail.
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wow, that is so dumb
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I have tried them for a day, and if you are just cruising gently on groomed runs, they definitely will reduce stress and fatigue on your legs.
If you want to ski steeper terrain, or carve, where "long leg, short leg" starts to come into play, the "Ski-Mojo" is a bit more problematic because it has a tendency to try to negate the "short leg" part of the equation.
(And yes I think the overall effect is similar to CADS. They are indeed more convenient: to ride the chairlift, you flip two switches instead of removing two rods.)
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Go to the gym! Saves 33% is no good if there is no base fitness there to start with.
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