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Recommended Ski Related Reading

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Skiing and Reading (only not at the same time)..

Ok, so for most of the northern hemisphere ski season is over so I thought that I would ask if anyone has any highly recommend ski related readings to pass the summer time on the flight to South America...

A few I am considering that I am hoping some might have comments on:

Inner Skiing

Bode: Go Fast, Be Good, Have Fun

Herman Maier: The Race of My Life

...please share other recommendations, thanks!!
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the race of my life is a great book
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Also consider Ski the Whole Mountain by Eric and Rob DesLauriers; Brilliant Skiing, Every Day by Weems Westfeldt; Staying Alive in Avalanche Terrain by Bruce Tremper; In the Yikes Zone by Mermer Blakeslee.
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Why not some fiction? Two great short stories: Ernest Hemingway: Cross-Country Snow, probably the first literary description of a parallel turn; Irwin Shaw: The Inhabitants of Venus (no, it's not science fiction). No better way to pass time on a flight than a volume of either of their stories. And see this: http://www.associatedcontent.com/art..._ski_bums.html
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The All Mountain Skier by Mark Elling

From Canada to The Amazon In A Canoe

The Money Player
(this is about a US Table Tennis champion and made a living playing for money--starts in Hanoi at the breakout of the Vietnam war)
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Free-Heel Skiing: Telemark and Parallel techniques for all conditions (3rd edition), Paul Parker.
Seriously the best skiing technique book of all time, filled with gem after gem of intuitive gold. Simple, clear, enlightening.
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Great suggestions all, not sure yet if I will be reading these on the beach or the flight to South America yet...or maybe I don't need to fly to Chile, I can ski at Snowbird still

Ski The Whole Mountain and The Yikes Zone came up on an Amazon search I did before so they are on my radar. I will be checking out the other suggestions as well.

Very helpful, thanks.
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Open Your Heart with Skiing: Mastering Life through Love of the Turns, by Steve Hultquist

In the Yikes Zone by Mermer Blakeslee

Right on the Edge of Crazy, by Mike Wilson (about ski racing)
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The All Mountain Skier is excellent. As well as the great technique chapters that make up the bulk of the book, the sections on skis, boots and tuning are well explained and detailed. The author is a self confessed gear freak

I was fairly underwhelmed by The Race of my Life, I think mostly because I imagine much has been lost in the translation. The book came across as very 'factual'.
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