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Marker Selective Control??!!

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I purchased a set of last years Marker 9.1 SC bindings, unfortunatley after they were mounted I never got the paper work back from the box that went over what settings did what, for instance is setting #1 for ice or soft snow, #2 for powder, will setting #3 help me with picking up women?? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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(1) Soft Snow
(2) Groomers - neutral setting
(3) Ice/hard snow

Skiing Salomon's will help pick up the chicks!

I do ski SC's on one pair, but they are usually buried in the powder, so the girls can't see 'em!

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Are the Marker Selective Control Bindings considered any good? Are the settings actually useful?
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Ok- I'm here to tell ya- yes, the work well! I have the Marker M51 Turbo SC's. I can truly tell the difference.
One time I was on setting 3 and came into some chopped up crud. I was tossed all about. Didn't fall but I was not ready for it and was bounced about here and there. Next run, just before I entered that same crud area, I switched over to setting 1. I went through the crud at the same speed as before. Result- My skis went up, down, around, and through, bending with the chunks and clumps. smooth ride all the way through that area. Yes, they work.
The only down side is... Now you have one more gadget to play with! But then... I like gadgets!
Too bad the tech didn't give you the paperwork with the bindings. I figure... if it came out of the box it belongs to the customer.
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What I've noticed with my SCs as they have migrated from ski to ski is that the softer the ski, the more noticable the effect. Basicly, they help to stiffen up a soft stick just a little. Now they are on K2 ModX Pros and the difference is not that noticable anymore. Still there, just more subtle than it used to feel. Most of the time, I leave them on 2 unless its supersoft pow (set to 1) or super hardpack/ice (set to 3)

Good Runs
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I have SC's mounted on two pair of skis. My imprssions are very similiar to Tom K's.

BTW, the #3 setting isn't any more effective than settings #'s 1 & 2 in creating a first impression for picking up women.
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It seems that no one answered your original question. Here's the secret code to the SC settings (and I agree that they really do work!)
1= powder
3=hardpack/ ice
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I challenge any of you to actually prove they work the way they are supposed to. I've owned them on the last four pairs of skis till my vipers last year, which have Axials on them, and I never could. I consider myself an expert skier with 40 plus years of skiing experience. All bindings today are similar and need their little marketing gimmics to sell them. S.C. is Markers. Ever eject out on a bump run and say "oh man, I had them on the wrong setting" Was it the binding or were you out of wack? The toe released in deep pow because they were on the hard snow setting? Come on folks. I've had more pre releases on Markers than any othjer bindings whioch is why I now use Axials. Or, maybe I had them on the wrong setting?
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I had SCs on 4 pairs of skis & noticed a difference in how the ski felt between the settings (not necessarily how it performed). Once I got the setting I liked I left it there & didn't move it around for different conditions. I really think the SC design's days are numbered as more skis come with integrated bindings, build in plates or mounting areas that isolate the binding more from the ski.
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The SC has nothing to do with the amount of force needed to release out of the bindings. It changes the stiffness of the ski directly underfoot which translates to a softer or stiffer feel.

Here's my anecdotes... This is back when they were mounted on a set of softer skis. Approached a glazed over windslab/ice sheet and tried skiing it with the SC set to 1 and could not get an edge to set at all causing lots of washouts. Next run, I changed it to 3 and it was like being on ice skates, edgesets were sharp and crisp and I was able to carve turns in the ice. Yes, rela eastcoast type blue ice. In powder, if I left it on 3 the tips would have a tendancy to dive. On 1, I'd get float a lot easier.
Now that they are on stiffer skis than the old softies, the differences are nowhere near as dramatic, but still there.
Perhaps you've tended to use stiffer skis all along and that's why you couldn't notice any change in the feel. That or you were looking for changes in releasability and not flex.
Re: Pre-releases with Marker I've only had them come off when they were supposed to, BUT I don't do a lot of spinning.
Just an opinion from doing a lot of Marker bashing reading: I think that the Marker toepiece tends to actually finish releasing and not force the toe back onboard in those situations where the toe starts to come out due to torque that is close to releasing force. I think that's why jibbers and really agressive skiers who are bashing moguls that subject the ski/boot interface to a lot of shear forces tend to prefer other brands.
Anyway, that's my opinion (and it is of course worth what you paid for it.)

Good runs,
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I ski SC and and would describe it like this:
Although I can't physically feel a change in the skis stiffness, I notice that I ski signifigantly bettter when it is set to the conditions. No this is not a mind trick.
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