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Resort Finder's.

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I'm trying to find some decent resort finder type websites over the net.
I've found a couple such as GoSki and, but they have very limited information.

Come anyone point me in the right direction. Trying to work out my next snow holiday destination!.

Cheers guys.
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Hey Boarder,
Welcome to EpicSki!

What countries/regions were you interested in, and what sort of information are you looking for?
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There are a bunch out there, just Google "ski resort finder". Here are a few I use.
Good one, with heavy slant towards Europe, but also North Am:
More on Europe:
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Originally Posted by boarderbro99 View Post
Trying to work out my next snow holiday destination!.
This is a simple thing to do in May. All you have to do is golf and drink beer for 5 months. Then you wait two more months while traveling to ski movie premieres and drinking more beer. Then once there's sufficient snow on the ground, you pick the place with the best coverage and buy tickets.
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Thanks for your help guys. There are some great sites listed. Very helpful. Would love some more images from resorts though. A lot of the sites have factual information (Stats, Prices etc), yet don't offer a visual taste of the resort.

Any ideas?

Also, thinking somewhere in New Zealand, or maybe Canada if the dollars keep rolling in hah.
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yet don't offer a visual taste of the resort.

Whatdya going to do? Pose in a $500 ski jacket? It's all good. Anywhere there is snow. I've never been let down at any resort I've been to. Then again, I please easy. Don't hate any movies I've seen, don't regret any love affairs I've had (well, there was the Montana sheep that I wish hadn't happened).
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Haha. Maybe best left to yourself.

However, the reason I said that was, I'd like to see some pictures of the terrain etc. See whats on offer on mountain and so forth. And no, no overpriced ski attire for me...
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Heh. I remember seeing all the pictures of all the resorts in Alta and thinking all these grandious thoughts of chalets out in the wildnerness. When I stayed at the Peruvian all of a sudden there was all this stuff that wasn't in the pictures. Alta is just one big parking lot.
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I just came across an Australian site that has some amazing photography and video footage of resorts. Looks to be mainly Australia and NZ resorts, but theres info on resorts all over the world. A little lacking though, as most info is quite limited, and really only focuses on statistics. Would be great if there were weather info, or something alike.
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I'm sure there are many options for visuals, but one place I've found surprisingly useful is Go to browse and type in the name of any ski area in the world and you are likely to get some amateur and occasionally professional images. One poster there (and sometimes on epic) with numerous fine photo albums goes by the name paedde, see here:
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The Ski Resort Guide is my pick for resort info.
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