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Recommendation for Park Bindings

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I have a pair of Salomon 1080 Thrusters 2008 that need to be taken into the terrain park ASAP (well, either to New Zealand or wait 'til November)! Details:

Skis: Salomon 1080 Thrusters '08
Stats: 161 cm, 117-83-110, R = 13.2m

22yr 5'6" @ 125 lbs, 24+ days per season on snow
Frequented Park Features: Kickers, Tabletops, Halfpipes, Quarterpipes... snow-only features...

I haven't bought the bindings for these Thrusters yet, and looking at the possibilities before I buy 'em. I weigh 125 lbs, with a DIN-8 for my Dynastars NBT '08, and DIN-9 for my Salomon X-Wing Fury '08, I've never experienced a premature release, ever.

I need bindings that works well for terrain parks, especially when dealing with monster kickers. I looked into the Dynastar PX12 Wide Jib Bindings, since I'm no expert on how bindings work, I'm not sure if this is the best one for my kicker jumps.

Questions: What type of binding works well with the big jumps? Does the force of impact on the jump landing wear down certain bindings faster than others? Recommendations appreciated, thanks!
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you ski with a pretty high din for someone your weight, so resist the temptation to go with a full metal binding that doesn't have upward toe release (i.e., look px15/18). while those kinds of bindings are ideal for skiing outside the park, it is generally bad juju to do park without vertical toe release (slow, backwards, twisting falls).

with that said, i am a recently retired part-time (50:50) park rat, and i only trusted look/rossi/dynastar p/px/axial/axial2 bindings. go with any of the 12/14 din offerings. no lifter is preferable to a lifter. there are some models with a rubber landing pad under the bindings. i have never tried those out, but i imagine that i would like them if i were still into park.
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go with the look px14 race or px 12 jib
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I wouldn't recommend any bindings except the Look PXs and Rossi Axial2 if you are taking them into the park. They are the toughest binding out there. (They are also the heaviest binding out there but thy're worth the trade-off.)
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You might want to look into the Scratch 120 it's the park version of the Axial 2 120
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