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Pali lift to Close May18th

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Announcement on A-basin web site that state Pali lift and Pali terrain will close May 18th.: So if you want lots of bumps and steep glades then get up there in the next four days. Good conditions now and a few more inches tonight then clear skies for Saturday.
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Egad, that's early! Perhaps there's something amiss with the lift that they want serviced ASAP.

So what is A-Basin's plan? Just Exhibition and the bowl lifts? Weird.
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Originally Posted by songfta View Post
Egad, that's early! Perhaps there's something amiss with the lift that they want serviced ASAP.

So what is A-Basin's plan? Just Exhibition and the bowl lifts? Weird.
There was something they were tinkering with on on the Palli lift Sunday.

They sure aren't closing due to lack of snow. But......look at the web cam..........not many people there during mid week.
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Pali slid around this time a few years ago. More than likely, they are just being conservative.
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I agree that it's likely a cautionary measure based on the slide 3 years ago. Here's more info on that incident.
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First Alley was renamed David's Run. It was his favorite on the Mt. I was going to ski that same run the next day that year.

Pali lift has been closing early-mid May since that avalanche. Actually a few days later this year then the last two years.
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eh I just asked this question on the abasin TR thread that kinda of sucks they are closing it that early again. What i dont get is with thicker snowpack this year it should be more stable. also I would hope abasin would do it on day by day thing snowbird with mineral, and not jsut close it no matter what.
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Once the temps get above freezing at night the 40-45 degre slopes become unstable. My understanding is that the melted water goes down into the snow pack and collects at a certain level making a very good(bad) area to start a slide. Once a person dies, the ski area is very cautious. I would love to ski Pali later, but not at the expense of a life.

See the link COskiGirl put up. That is a big slide - wet slab, deadly if you are caught in it. Scary stuff. That year there was one week of above freezing temps then the slide. i think the link also has a much better explanation of the physics/science of this avalnache
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Anyone have a guesstimate about Montezuma Bowl? How's the coverage holding up back there?

Is A-Basin still planning to close June 8?
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Skied there Thursday (yesterday). They have the steeps closed in Zuma since end of April. Long Chute was groomed!! and had 4 inches on top - nice run. All the bowl had good snow coverage, glades also. Able to see all your tracks on the lift up. Since it's the first year Zuma's open not sure when they will close it. The avalanche risk area is already closed. I suspect it will close in 1-2 weeks with all the warm weather. A-basin is closing June 8th still.

The coverage was great everywhere. My Chute, International, North Glades, Rollercoaster, Pali Main, East Ave, Turbo, West Turbo, Rock Garden, Davids Run, you name it and it was good!! It was snowing lightly all day with a few breaks of blue skies. Soft near the end of the day. It will be a great weekend of skiing off of Pali. Get up there and enjoy it. Since I'm working this weekend, my season is over. Had my annual 'toast to the mt' and said goodbye till next season. It was a great year and I'm looking forward to an even better season next year.
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